It is always exciting to decorate a nursery room for parenthood. Besides, you cannot forget an important thing to décor nursery room like storage items. Look at the collected ideas in Baby Nursery Storage Ideas And Organization Tips To Get The Room Ready.


Toys That Double As Storage

Toys that double as storage Baby Nursery Storage Ideas And Organization Tips To Get The Room Ready


In this pretty nursery design, there is a Lucite shelving unit that is shaped like a dollhouse. You can either display your doll, use this as a storage item, or use it as a decoration item with only one piece like this.

Nothing Can Fall Organization

Nothing can fall organization Baby Nursery Storage Ideas And Organization Tips To Get The Room Ready


Why it is called as nothing can fall organization? Because it can keep everything in its place. Related to that, for new parents with new things to be dealt with, providing something simple, easy, and efficient is a must. Here, the ‘nothing can fall organization’ is one of the things they should have. It is a baby-proof floating shelf with a horizontal bar as a full function that keeps things from falling. After that, these shelves are also great for bright up your white wall.

Hide Things Under A Skirted Crib

This organization tip is focused on the prettiest parts since the room is totally clutter-free. The room has gold leaf borders and flower climbing inserted in a mural wallpaper. After that, here you can get creative by hiding things in a slim bin under the crib if you have a skirt to keep it out of sight.

Timeless Storage Furniture

As we know storage is always needed. So, you can choose something that will last and age with your baby. You can go with timeless pieces like the ottoman and chair set, framed photographs, and traditional dresser. Those items give your nursery room a refined edge that will age well. Last, take the whimsical pendant light for the best nursery room presentation.

Repurpose An Old Dresser

Do you plan to have storage in the nursery room but you are on a tight budget? Here is the idea where you do not splurge on new items. You can transform an existing dresser into a changing table by placing a changing pad on it. Then, you will have three drawers of storage space too.

Classic Touch Storage In Nursery Room

For a classic style, the wood towel rack adds a classic touch and gives the pretty blankets more time to shine out in the open. After that, keep blankets and towels easy to access with a storage ladder or a towel warmer.


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