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Elegant table tops are always the charm quotient at any restaurant. Granite table tops can be the ideal decision for restaurants since it is so rich in looks and amazingly solid in durability. Be it your dining top or cafeteria top or for that matter the room tabletop for a business meeting, Granite Table Tops always outshine the normal ones. And the added advantage is that you can even repurpose or overhaul your existing furniture with granite tabletops. 

Do’s and Don’ts of cleaning granite tabletops

1. Do blot up spills immediately

While keeping up with granite tabletops you’ll need to blotch spilt fluids with a delicate material or paper towel ASAP. Blotting keeps fluids from spreading and corroding the granite; immediately guaranteeing less wear of your counter.

Restaurant table hygiene

2. Do clean surface using a sponge or soft cloth

Soft cloth or sponge will ensure the shine of the granite dining table. A brush or some hard material will only create pores in the rock thereby making space for the counter to harbor microbes later on. 

3. Do Use coasters under all glasses, bottles and cans

This will ensure safety from any kind of refill spill or accidental spill (alcohol or acidic beverages) harm to the elegant table counter’s shine. Though granite is a tough rock, yet there is no harm in being prudent. Coasters also ensure no blots or scratches or any other marks on the granite tabletop.

4. Do Use trivets and hot pads under pots and pans

Granite is impervious to heat, yet it is always prescribed to utilize hot cushions or trivets as opposed to putting your hot dishes from the stove on your ledge. The best is to stay away from anything that could harm the outer layer/ the shining surface of the granite ledge.

A. Don’t use generic cleaning products

Use only granite or marble specific products for cleaning or waxing or shining the granite dining table. Since you bought the same for elegance and durability, just like your clothes, allow the tabletop the best care for longer life. 

B. Don’t use vinegar, ammonia, lemon or orange as cleaners

Granite doesn’t dull or etch easily, but acidic or ammonia-based cleaners always harm the outer as well as inner of the slab in the long run due to corrosion. And no amount of creaming/waxing/lotioning will bring the originality back. So be better safe than sorry.

C. Don’t use any type of grout cleaners

Common grout cleaning products can cause irreversible damage and corrosion to granite table tops because these are either acidic or ammonia-based. So as listed in the above point, do not use these for granite cleaning

D. Don’t sit or stand on your table tops

There are three reasons for it. 

  • A granite dining table artist can carve seamless tabletops. And in case you put weight on them, the seams may fall apart and cause a major accident
  • Granite lacks flexibility and might crack up. And it is actually impossible then to bring back the original grandeur to the tabletop
  • Hygiene is primary – sitting or standing on the table top can cause dirt/dust from clothes/ shoes to harbor on the table top. Some microbes may even skip the cleansers and pose health hazards to visitors

Granite table tops

Granite Table Tops Maintenance Routine

This is done in four and regular stages as shared below:

  • Daily: This includes daily dusting with a micro-fiber cloth; clean daily spills or spots with suitable cleaner and a soft cloth and also ensuring that crevices if any are food spill free.
  • Weekly: At the end of every work week, each nook and cranny of the granite table top deserves daft attention for cleaning. Use a granite specific cleaner. And posts that ensure to polish the surface to retain the original sheen and shine.
  • Monthly: If you can afford, call in special granite cleaning service agents who will ensure deep cleaning and suitable polishing of the granite dining table. If the table top is high end granite, this can be done yearly.  Alternately, just ensure suitable deep cleaning agents at your own end to make the table top spic and span. And later granite-specific wax or polish them to shine on year after year.
  • Yearly: As shared above, good quality deep cleaning and polishing is needed yearly as a must to restore the elegance of the granite table top.

Does granite harbor bacteria?

Granite is normally impervious to microbes; however, this doesn’t mean it is impenetrable to microorganisms. Routinely cleaning and sealing the stone aids the surface and opposes fluids that can hold onto microbes. 

Granite dining table


Granite Tabletops that are not appropriately kept up with, will over the long run lose their sparkle, get scratched, and at times even break up. Thus, if you wish to retain\the magnificence of your stone ledge, never skip the above do’s and don’ts!

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