There is something that bothers many people these days. It’s that huge piece of metal sticking out that ruins the aesthetics of their bedroom design. To help resolve this issue, we’ve found a few answers on how to hide a metal bed frame so you can finally enjoy the appearance of your bed.

Cover it

There’s no other way to put this. You have to cover that ugly metal bed frame. While this may be one of the most obvious answers, doing the actual covering takes a lot of effort. Plus, there are so many ways you can cover that metal pole and lining sticking out from your bed.

1. Use bed skirts

This is the most common hack to beautify and hide a metal bed frame. Spread a bed skirt on top of the metal frame and then put your choice of mattress on top of it. Make sure to use a bed skirt that suits the palette of your room so it won’t be another aesthetic problem for you.

2. Use bed skirt alternatives

There are plenty of bed skirt alternatives that can help you improve your bed. Wood bed skirts are now one of the popular bets for bedroom interior. This means installing your choice of wood to cover your bed’s headboard as well as bed legs. It makes for a very cozy and natural look to your bedroom.

Another bed skirt alternative using window valance. It usually makes for a frilly design that can effectively cover up the space below your bed as well as hide the metal linings that peek out under your mattress.

Finally, there are velcro bed skirts which are easy to use and do the covering well. The main advantage of this is you won’t have to be lifting your mattress and just simply attach it around your bed frame.

3. Use oversized blankets

This option may be the easiest and probably something you can do right this instant. If you have a comforter cover, a quilt or a blanket, you can place this on your bed to conceal the frame. It’s important you use large-sized ones so it won’t awkwardly be draping on one side and not the other.

Design it

Design is just more than a cover. You have to actually put on some time and effort so you can effectively improve your interior. 

1. Install wood bed skirts or wood frames

As already mentioned, this method of using wood to improve the aesthetics of your bed is now a popular design for many bedrooms.

It creates the false impression of having a wooden bed that when designed right would look luxurious. You can install wood bed skirts to cover the sides of the frame and the whole headboard. If you are quite handy, you can get plenty of ideas on how to DIY a wood bed skirt but if you want to have a more finished look, getting a professional would be best.

For your benefit, here’s how to hide a metal bed frame using wood:

  1. First, measure the bed frame in place. You can just bring a tape measure to check and list the dimensions or you can bring pieces of your wood material to get a closer look and estimate.
  2. Next, disassemble or remove the metal frame from your bed. Lay down the metal frames and add PL adhesive to stick it to the wooden parts. Now, some metal bed frames already have drilled holes so you can just drill points on the wood where you can screw it in the metal bed frame. 
  3. You can assemble the frame back to your bed which is now covered with wood on the sides.

2. Spray paint

Grab a spray paint of your favorite color and have fun painting on your metal bed frame. You will not be able to hide it but at least it’s not sticking out with its boring metal color. Also, there’s a proper way to paint on your metal bed frame.

First, place some newspapers on the ground and cover parts of your bedroom to keep paint off it. Spray with metal primer on one side and let it sit. Once it dries, turn over your frame and spray the rest. This completes the first coating. When the primer dries, you can spray again with the final paint. Make sure you ventilate your space and wait for a day before using the bed.

3. Crafts

Let your creativity run free. Instead of painting over your bed frame, you can use ribbons, fake ivy vines, repurposed t-shirts, and other things to conceal the metal.

If you want to make it easier, you can get some bed boots, a product which is designed to hide a metal bed frame. For the metal poles sticking out on the sides, you can use pool noodles to make it more colorful and even safer.

4. Bedroom Accents

There are plenty of bedroom accents that you can use to cleverly conceal unappealing metal bed frames. Accent pillows and some small furnishings would do great in covering up your bed. 

You can use a bedroom bench or a small sofa at the end of your bed. Many hotels have it for a more luxurious appeal and a place you can sit on if you want to watch TV.

Having more pillows for either and both interior accent and comfort is another ideal measure. It’s commonly placed in front of the headboard so you can easily hide that metally bed rail from sight. 


Our bedrooms are our fortress against the world. It is where we can get truly comfortable and a place where we can recharge ourselves. It’s no wonder why people are willing to spend a lot on the interior just to get that perfect place of rest. 

If you bought a metal bed frame which you would later find to bother you, don’t let it be another source of negativity. Try these ways on how to hide a metal bed frame so you can enjoy the look of your bedroom. There is no one best way to fix it, you can try some of the choices above as temporary measures and when you find the time and money, invest in the more permanent options.

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