The desire for adventure, the wanderlust, and taking a break from life’s boring routine is a dream that many people with an adventurous spirit share. Going on the open road, living in the outdoors, and waking up in a new place every day can give you a great sense of freedom like no other. The perfect companion to take with you on this adventure is a camping van. However, you will need to work on it to ensure it is functional and fully equipped to be a second home to you and your family on your next adventure. So keep reading for tips on how to turn your camping van into a functional home with wheels.



If you are going to live on the road for a few days or weeks, then you will need to have healthy meals every day. Eating at restaurants or diners every day can break your bank. Therefore, in order to be able to prepare a home-cooked meal, you should add a kitchen to your camping van. There are various places in your van where you can place a kitchen. Some people prefer to place it behind the driver’s seat to make the van feel more open, while others opt for privacy by putting their kitchen behind the cab. If you enjoy cooking outdoors, then you can opt for a pull-out kitchen that you can place in the trunk.


Who can live without a bathroom? Installing a bathroom in your camping van will make your life on the road a lot easier and convenient. You shouldn’t leave your van every time you need to use the bathroom, especially if you are traveling with kids. Besides using the bathroom, you will also need to shower. If you are planning to live on the road for a long time, then having a shower in your van is more of a necessity than a luxury. You can install a mini shower, drain, a heated water tank, and a retractable door for privacy. 

Rooftop AC

As a result of global warming, the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature have completely changed in the last few years. Now, it is impossible to survive the summer heat without an AC. Although years ago, ACs were considered a luxurious appliance, now it has become more of a necessity. For this reason, you should install a rooftop AC to protect yourself from the hot weather. Sleeping in a closed van every night during the summer without an AC can be torture. Additionally, the van’s AC will not be enough to keep the vehicle at a cool temperature at all times. Even if you consider it to be pricey, it is a small price to pay for your comfort and the comfort of other passengers.


What is a home without furniture? Having furniture in your camping van is essential for you and others’ comfort. A murphy bed or bunk bed can be perfect for your home on wheels since they save so much space. Additionally, bunk beds are the perfect choice for families with kids. In addition to beds, your van will also require furniture like a table, a small couch or chairs, rugs, and curtains. 


Electricity is another necessity that will make your van feel more like home. You will need electricity if you are going to use a computer, fridge, light, or a microwave. You have two options to choose from; either opt for solar energy or a power generator. It is more of a personal choice. People who are more environmentally conscious opt for solar power because it is better for the environment. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, a power generator is the better choice for you.


No one wants to live in a dull-looking van. Add some decoration to make it look more aesthetically appealing. You can add plants to liven up the space, and they can also be great for your mental health since they reduce stress and improve your mood. You can opt for small pots and hang them on your van’s ceiling or walls, so they won’t take any floor space. You can also opt for colorful or patterned curtains and pillows that will surely brighten up your van.


Living on the road can be very exciting. However, living in a van without the necessary requirements of everyday life can make your trip very uncomfortable. Therefore, transform your camping van into a functional home on wheels by using the ideas mentioned here. This will make your trip much more relaxing and fun because who wouldn’t want to bring the luxury and comfort of their home on their adventure?

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