Modern kitchens have evolved rapidly compared to what our ancestors had. Back in early times, it was pretty rare to have a kitchen for the entire house. Stoves were the place to cook some food for a very long period of time. With industrialization and progress in technology, many of the appliances we see today started to show up. Not long after they also became accessible to everyone and it was no longer exclusive for the super-rich to have nice kitchens.

Now, there are so many choices out there for your kitchen that you need to do thorough research to know what is the best for you. This research does pay off, because there is nothing better than having a very functional kitchen, Especially in the morning to start the day right, no matter if you are a morning person or not. Here are some tools and appliances that will help you make breakfast much easier.

A good toaster

A good toaster will come a long way when it comes to making something simple in the morning to eat. Many people bring up the point that toasting your bread in the oven is better than having a toaster. That is not always the case, and the oven can not compare with the precision and ease of handling a toaster has. Having that taste of some good crunchy bread in the morning is irreplaceable.

A good toaster is not only functional but also brings a nice aesthetic to the kitchen. If you ever thought to yourself of how ugly your toaster is in the morning, then the perfect solution according to would be to get an absolutely gorgeous toaster so you can toast in style. Items that surround us can have a big impact on how we feel, so it is for the best to be surrounded by items that please your eyes. And yes that does apply to small details even toasters.


Many people are afraid of the microwave thinking that it is something intrinsically bad. The food that is made to be microwaved may not always be the healthiest, but the gadget itself is very useful. If you have a good microwave, it is possible to make scrambled eggs in a minute and a half. 

No need to wash many dirty dishes, just use a cup in which you will whisk the eggs. First, start heating them for 40 s, whisk, heat for 20 s again, whisk, and again until they are done. If they are cooked, they are perfectly safe to eat. Microwave radiation is nothing evil you need to be afraid of and is a very powerful tool. If not for making something using it then just heating up some leftovers for breakfast.

Tea infuser

Tea infusers are the best way to make tea perfectly to your liking. When you are making your tea with tea bags, you can not control how much tea you are adding. You can vary the concentration by varying the amount of water you add, but then you are limited to only that parameter. With a tea infuser, you can control everything. Not only that but there are many cute tea infusers out there to fulfill your aesthetic desires.


A good juicer is always helpful when you want to make something fast that has a bit of everything and is all-natural. Juicers are nothing else than just a press that makes liquid squeeze out of the plant under high pressure. It is best to have a juicer that presses the plant horizontally and thus drips downwards to have the best yield and less mess to clean up later. Having a nice drink in the morning which contains natural sugars is a good way to get energized for the day to come.


Starting your day off right can be much more easily done with just a few kitchen appliances and tools. If you like to eat something in the morning, then it is very important to do so efficiently. Not everyone eats breakfasts and that is totally reasonable and should be respected. It is not the most important meal of the day as many claim it to be. But for people who do value it, these items will surely come in handy.

They are made to be simple and ready to use without major preparations. Not only to use but also to avoid boring and unnecessary cleaning in the morning. Maintaining these items is minimal but you will need to do it if you want them to last. Which one you will choose is only your choice to be made as you are the master of your kitchen and breakfast.


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