Are you thinking about updating your furniture? Well, this is your chance to do your bit for the planet and lower the carbon footprint. All you need to do is focus on eco-friendly options available in furniture to create a healthier environment for your home and the earth.

Today, many new advancements are being made in this field of planet-friendly interior design and furniture. Start thinking in those directions and invest a little more money in sustainable furniture items passed down generations.

Sustainable interior design practices

All homeowners must think about how they can reduce their ecological footprint and purchase only environmentally sustainable furniture that is beneficial globally. Raise the environmental sustainability of your home by making mindful purchases. Buy local and or use when possible. Look for companies that practice sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. Many smaller companies are actively taking strides to have a lower carbon footprint.

Try to shop local

Nothing could be better than shopping local and encouraging the local furniture stores and designers. Avoid the big chains and browse the local markets to be eco-conscious and invest in quality materials and truly eco-friendly finishes.

While local might be more expensive than the big box stores it’s an investment in your community as well as the environment.

Go on a hunt

Hunting for used furniture can be a lot of fun, especially when you can scour really unique pieces from antique stores and estate sales. Purchasing used furniture can feel intimidating, especially when looking for upholstered pieces but know that almost everything can be cleaned and or reupholstered. Almost every major city has architectural salvage stores. Most visit architectural salvage to find home improvement pieces like tile, old doors, vintage lighting fixtures. But did you know that many have furniture too? Most visit architectural salvage places to find building materials so that leaves furniture to the lucky hunter.

Eco-Friendly Materials

If you’re looking to purchase new pieces, look for furniture made out of natural materials, such as this eco friendly outdoor sectional.  Look for materials such as coconut husk foam, layers of wool, and cotton in the mattresses and reclaimed wood. Recycled materials are even becoming more prevalent in indoor and outdoor furniture. Stay away from plastics and chemicals. Reclaimed wood is one of the most sustainable materials and is a popular choice for furniture. Bamboo is another great option to look for in sustainable furniture and is more appealing from an ecological standpoint.

Durable quality, design, and construction

What makes a furniture item truly sustainable is not just the material but the quality of its make and the design and functionality. Any furniture of good quality and construction will last long and will hardly need a replacement. Furniture products should be made to last and carry a timeless classic design that looks better with aging. So, look for well-designed and well-built products and will last a lifetime.

Product designer who cares about sustainability

Look for furniture manufacturers and designers who truly care about the planet and are not simply greenwashing their products. So, always check the credentials and the products closely and do thorough research before making up your mind. It is imperative to know that you are shopping for only eco-friendly furniture items from trusted and reputed suppliers. Green and sustainable claims must back up their products, and they should be willing to share the hard facts openly.

 Use the above information as your guide to buying eco-friendly furniture, and keep in mind that every little effort counts and can make a huge difference to the planet and its environment. Investing in sustainable furniture is the right step for the safety of the planet and making the world a better place for the coming generations.


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