In order for plumbing businesses in Adelaide to grow and really establish themselves as one of the ‘big boys’, they need to be determined and possess the correct type of attitude, as well as being polite, punctual, tidy, and willing to develop strong relationships with their customers. 

Once these things have been achieved, there are a number of things that can be done in order to take the business to the next level, just like Royal Flush has. 

Hire employees

In order to be successful, a plumbing business must employ people. This is not only necessary but is actually the key to success and the best way of growing a business like this. Doing this means that a business can keep on taking more work, thus expanding its reach even further. Regardless of whether the person hired is a fully trained plumber, an apprentice, or someone to work in the office managing the paperwork, it is a good move nonetheless. However, it is important to understand that with being an employer, new responsibilities present themselves, such as the need for insurance etc.

Set out the terms of business

It should be clear to all customers what a plumbing business’ terms are and these should remain constant even as the business grows and expands into new areas. For instance, let customers know how they are expected to pay – is payment required on completion of the job or are invoices issued? Where payment is not required straight away, then make sure that the amount of time a customer has to pay their invoice is a short one. Where customers take issue with a plumber’s terms of business then, look for a new customer instead.

Win repeat customers

In order to build up any business, it is important that customers are left happy by the service that they receive. This way they will be keen to use its services again in the future. Aim to make acquired customers, customers for life. To achieve this, always treat people with the utmost respect at all times. 

Create a niche

Whilst there may be lots of plumbing businesses available in the Adelaide area, not all of them will be providing the exact same service to one another. Creating a niche is a really good way of standing out in a crowded space and is an effective strategy for obtaining new customers. For instance, a plumbing business could provide a 24 / 7 emergency call out service that is available around the clock, or guarantee to be at any call within 1 hour. Whatever niche a business goes for, they should do everything that they can to own that space and differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition.

The above things are all techniquires that Royal Flush have adopted over the years. It is no surprise then that they have quickly become the fast growing plumbing business in the whole of Adelaide. It goes to show that if these can do it, then any other small business can too.

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