Halloween is the spookiest night where everyone in the neighborhood tries to win the spooky house award of the year. From skeletons to haunted voices and an eerie setup, we all try our best to enjoy the spirits of Halloween in the best way possible. Very often we spend money on candy, scary props, and other small details, but few manage to fully organize a true haunted house.

If you want to be the best-decorated house this Halloween, let us tell you a small secret. Invest in a water-based fogger machine that can produce a medium-density long-lasting fog for your haunted night! Yes. Fog is an easy way to give an eerie vibe to your overall settings. 

Here are some advantages of using water-based fog juice for your fogger machine. 

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1. Long-Lasting

The fog machine liquid that is water-based will stay much longer in the air than oil-based liquids. You do not want to stand outside pumping liquid to create fog throughout the night. That is tiring and destroys the entire purpose of the scary setting. 

A water-based liquid is filled in the fog machine and the machine does the rest of the work. Since water vapors are less dense than the air around, the fog will stay for a longer time in the air. 

2. Cheaper Than Dry Ice

Just like water-based fog juice, dry ice produces a fog that is safe for human health, however, dry ice is an expensive option. Firstly, you have to store the dry ice at lower temperatures, along with the risks of frostbites. Secondly, dry ice loses volume over time so you will have to use it in large quantities. 

Water-based fog juice has no such disadvantage. You can store it at room temperature and it requires only a small volume of liquid to make a long-lasting medium-density fog.

3. Non-Toxic

Artificial fog can pose serious health risks. It can irritate the eyes and respiratory system. However, a water-based fog juice is non-toxic. It does not pose any health-related risks. This is the biggest reason why people invest in water-based fog juices for entertainment purposes.

When you are using fog in a Halloween setup, children are going to visit your house. You do not want to threaten their health just for the sake of a scary setup. 

4. No Stains

The biggest disadvantage of oil-based fog juices is that they leave a stain on the surfaces. However, water-based fog juice does not leave a stain on the surface. It is, therefore, safe to use indoors as well as outdoors. The reason is that the fog created by using water-based juice is a bit warmer than the surrounding air. Therefore, it will always lift upwards and will not stick to the surfaces.

5. Non-flammable

Lastly, the water-based juices do not catch fire. They are very safe to be used around the lightings and electric cables. Most of the oil-based fog juices can catch fire. Therefore, they may be hazardous, especially to be used around children. 

You can use water-based fog juices without fearing the risks of fire. 


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