Some emerging trends have shown that sometimes the world is simply too slow to catch on, right? Well, look at the reinvented interest in the world of Barndominiums.

Until recently no one would have thought of having a Barndominium as an ideal option for a dream house. In fact, for those conversant with the name, the picture that came to mind had everything to do with the farm environment.

Look at that, and the status of Barndominium in 2022. These big shelters not only offer ideal options for dream houses, but they also feature spectacular designs never imagined before.

The fuss about the Barndominium is not by chance. 

So, are you quick to catch on with the new home trend? Then let’s dive in for a full overview of the new home trend.

What is a Barndominium?


Commonly known as Barndos, Barndominiums are home concepts that feature the typical barn-style of buildings constructed from wood, steel, or metal. 

They feature a large living open area that allows the homeowner to customize the space as per their liking.

Barndominium offers a range of adaptable designs such as pole barns, and you can have a barn-to-home conversion or build your own from the ground up.

History of the Barndominium

The history of the Barndominium dates back hundreds of years. Despite the fact that the world is just catching on to the world of Barndominiums. These massive and spectacular homes have a rich journey that began way back.

However, the specific date and year of their exact origin are not known. 

But, their architectural design can be traced back to the low German and Netherland houses that combined byre, barn, and living area under the same roof.

Moreover, the term Barndominium appears to have been first used in 1989 by a Connecticut real estate developer, Karl Nilsen. 

Nilsen used the term Barndominium to refer to a new housing development that aimed to serve as living quarters for animal caretakers and horses.

The concept featured the living quarters of the caretakers on top of a stable. 

While it’s safe to credit season three episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper for the new trend in Barndominium, these homes have been here for a long time.

So, if you want to feel the comfort of a unique home with plenty of open space to work with, Barndominium makes for an excellent choice.

What Does a Barndominium Look Like?

Barndominium feature different designs, however, the most common trait is their large structural design with plenty of open space.

The large and open nature offers the barn-like vibe that makes for their main attraction. 

They feature a modified interior design that gives it the modern touch for an adorable homely experience

Barndominium adopts amenities and essential comforts found in many modern homes.

The different features of Barndominium

1. High Ceilings With Exposed Steel or Timber Beams.

Barndominium adopt high ceilings that you can tailor to your needs. You can decorate the beams to give them a dramatic touch to make them more appealing.

2. Loft Space

The loft makes for another common feature of Barndos that you can play with and turn to your magical place.  You can design it to act as your study, recreational room, getaway room, or even library.

3. Open Floor

Open floor design is the most common floor concept in Barndominium. This style allows for a more comfortable experience and increased visual presence that connects you to your loved ones.

4. Signature Roof Design

Barndominiums adopt the signature roofing style of barns, giving it a touch of traditional charm. The signature roof design enables it to offer more space at the top that you can get creative with, turning it into nice storage or living space.

5. Covered Porches

Porch covers come as an ergonomic add-on that allows for relaxing and enjoyable moments at the porch. Moreover, they bring a level of nostalgia that stirs some great elements of charm.

How Long Can it Take to Build a Barndominium?


The scope of time it takes to build a Barndominium undergirds several factors. For instance, building from the ground up or converting an old barn to a home can take up to 6 months in order to complete. However, with prefabricated Barndominiums this time range can be reduced remarkably.

Additionally, factors such as how you choose to complete your project can also have an incredible impact on the duration it takes to complete building your home.

Is Barndominium durable, safe, and reliable?


The essence of building a home is to provide a safe and comfortable space for yourself. Barndominium offers you more than just a safe and comfortable spot. 

Barndominium features either a metal, steel, or wood construction which makes them quite safe and durable. Moreover, regardless of the material, you choose to use among the three options they all promise to guard you under extreme weather.

Besides, these materials offer you more opportunities to get creative and customize your home as you wish.

Also, Barndominium promises to hold its value in a similar fashion as the normal houses. Making a great investment.

What Benefits Are There for Building a Barndominium?

Building Barndos comes with some spectacular advantages. For instance, these allow ease of tailoring it to your needs.

Moreover, these homes offer an energy-efficient experience. Some Barndominium feature sheet metal siding and steel framing that makes them easy to seal completely. Moreover, they adopt energy-efficient windows, thus, enhancing your experience.

Besides, Barndos come with high ceilings and stained concrete floors to allow for the adoption of large windows that help in encouraging solar heating.

Also, Barndos offer a durable experience, quick and easy construction, easy renovation, expansion, and modification. It’s easily adaptable, offers an eco-friendly experience, and features lower costs in construction.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Barndominium?


Well, the cost of building these homes depends on various factors such as the size of the Barndominium you want and the material used. 

Also, labor costs, the size of land that comes with it, interior customization and finishes as well as permit application for the building.

With all these factors considered for a 2000 square foot Barndominium, expect to part with an average of $220,000.

What is living in a Barndominium like?

Barndominiums offer superior comfort and a more quality experience. 

The sheer size of the home guarantees more space and the customizable nature allows you to make your home the best it can possibly become.

Final Remarks

Barndominium offers a unique experience from the normal traditional home experience. 

Moreover, they come with superior advantages such as versatility, eco-friendly, affordable construction, and easy maintenance. Which makes them right up the alley for anyone who wishes to own a home and an affordable rate.

Make the decision to catch on early to the new home trend and be among the first to live their dreams.

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