Bedroom sitting area of your very own no matter your space fi

Having a bedroom sitting area is good for reading and relaxing space. So, check all the ideas on this page below.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes, going less is more. If you have lots of interesting architectural details, an understated chair can still have a big impact. Then, a statement piece like a unique headboard or oversized piece of art can be the focus of your room.

Hanging Chair

A hanging chair in a small space keeps the floor open while still providing a spot to sit and hang out. It needs a little installation but the ultimate result is an unforgettable design element. For a more relaxed option, go for a hammock or fabric chair. Besides, rattan while more structured and offer you a timeless and durable look. You can tie it into the rest of the space with a coordinating throw pillow and you are good to go.

Strategic Sitting Area

Look at this room arrangement that proves your tiny room can have a sitting area. Keeping everything on the same rug also helps group the three pieces of furniture into a distinct area in a studio or loft. Then, the longer loveseat, instead of an armchair also elongates the room rather than filling it up with shorter blocker items. Last, the use of a light cream palette throughout also helps the smaller space feel open rather than overcrowded.

Mix Muted Hues

Everyone will like this room that mixes muted neutrals and cool tones. Besides, the softer tones will give the room’s texture from woven chair to the sumptuous throw,  a chance to shine. The dusty pink and lavender meet wall art keeps the room well-balanced design.

End-Of-Bed Bench

Putting a bench or stool at the foot of the bed often seems like an obvious go-to for adding seating bedroom. Besides, they or offer you a nice perch for tying on shoes or even additional storage.

Go Bold

A curvy, retro couch may not be great as a living room sofa. But in a bedroom, it is a slightly more petite seat perfect for a more intimate space. In addition, the fun footstool is another smart example of a piece with lots of personalities.

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