Do you think that the people sitting next to you in a coworking space are harmless? Think again! You probably know that there’s nothing more important than your personal privacy, and coworkers can be some of the worst offenders. The good news is, it’s not very hard to maintain your privacy when working with others. Here are six easy steps for staying safe on-site. 


Consider Portable Partitions

If you’re looking for an extra layer of privacy, consider portable partitions. These are perfect for blocking out distractions, and they’re very easy to set up and takedown. Plus, they’re a great way to create a sense of privacy without isolating yourself from your coworkers. You can visit sites such as to get more info about the different types available. Partitions are a great way to keep your privacy and concentrate on your work.

Try Installing Blinds or Shades

If you’re not on board with the idea of partitions, you might prefer to use blinds or shades. Blinds are an aesthetically pleasing way to solve your privacy problems. They can be installed either inside or outside of the window frame, and they’re available in a range of colors and styles. There’s no reason why you should have to give up on your privacy for the sake of a beautiful workspace! When the sun goes down everyone can see inside, and with the right blinds, you’ll feel more secure at night.

Consider Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are another easy solution that won’t bother coworkers or block out too much sound—they simply reduce the level of noise, so it’s easier to concentrate when you’re in a noisy environment. You can also use them to shut out the rest of your world for privacy while you make phone calls. Make sure to go somewhere quiet where nobody can overhear what you’re saying. If you’re having a hard time concentrating at work, a pair of headphones can be a lifesaver.

Protect Your Computer and Phone With Passwords

One of the most important things that you can do to protect your privacy is to use a strong password. Yes, it’s super-tedious and nobody wants to do it, but you should think of it as an investment in staying safe and keeping out prying eyes! If you’re not sure what qualifies as a good password, look online for sources that describe the best ways to create one that’s almost impossible to crack.

Don’t use easy passwords like your name or your birthday, don’t share passwords with coworkers or even friends if you can avoid it, and don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. 

Keep Your Passwords To Yourself    

It may seem like no big deal to share your password with somebody else at first, but once they figure out how often you log on and what sites you visit, they’ll have access to everything about who you are online! Your social media contains your schedule, and shopping habits—they’ll know everything about you. Keep your password to yourself unless you want everybody in the world to know what’s going on with you. 

Passwords should ideally be 8-15 characters long and include a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. In addition to your username and password, there are plenty of other passwords you should keep to yourself. This includes usernames for banking websites, social media sites, etc. If you have trouble remembering all of the different passwords that you have for each account, try using a password manager.

Keep Your Documents Safe

You probably have a lot of important documents sitting on your computer, so it’s critical to keep them safe. It’s easy to create passwords for individual files and folders, so you can make sure nobody else has access—not even coworkers! You might also want to consider hidden folders and files, so the content is hidden from prying eyes. 

If you have physical copies of important documents, like résumés or tax forms, make sure to keep these locked in a drawer when you’re not using them. It’s smart to lock up your computer and phone at night, too!


It’s important to keep your privacy in a coworking space because it could be used against you. The six steps given should help protect you and allow you to concentrate on work without feeling like somebody is watching or listening in on what you’re doing. If any of these tips seem too hard, consider contacting an expert for assistance with creating the perfect plan that will benefit both yourself and others! We hope you will find some of these tips useful! Stay safe!


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