Shelf liners are removable sheets and are very flexible that actually protect the surface from damage. But finding the right shelf liners for your needs is not an easy task. Now, find all types of shelf liner on the internet and make your shelf surface protected. 


Types of Wire Shelf Liner

Selection of a good shelf liner is important because it will protect your furniture as well as the material you will place inside. For wire shelf liner, we have to be careful while selecting the liner because all types of shelf liners are not suitable for it. Few types of shelf liners are given below:

Foam shelf liner

It has a gripping texture that will not leave a sticky residue on the wire when removed. Best option for drawers or shelves containing sensitive items that need extra protection is ‘foam shelf liner”. User can also trim the liner according to his choice. This type of liner is ranked as one of the most reliable shelf liners globally.

Vinyl shelf liner

It is a bit thicker than fabric or paper shelf liners, which is one of the reasons it is less likely to tear. A lot of patterns, colors and sizes. It is available in both varieties; adhesive and non- adhesive. Users can easily trim or cut this shelf liner in order to fix it in the best shape. 

Mostly vinyl shelf liners are expensive but they are not reusable. Adhesive backed vinyl is not usually considered as good shelf liners because they can leave sticky residue on the shelves. 

Fabric shelf liner

A reader can imagine the shelf sheet quality by reading the name of it. Fabric shelf liners are soft and smooth that will not leave scratches on the shelves. They came in all types of texture and prints, for enhancing the look of the object. They are easy to wash and reusable. The fabric shelf liner will automatically absorb the moisturizer if something spills over it.

Note: if the fabric shelf gets wet, it will not be able to protect your stored items. Infect it can damage your stored items. 

Plastic shelf liner

They provide a sturdy base which helps to protect small items. They are easy to clean and waterproof shelf liner. These liners are hard to trim or cut off because they are made up of thick plastic, so you have to select the best size of liner in the start for not facing any inconvenience in the future.

Be vigilant while choosing the wire shelf liner!

No matter what surface you have, you need a liner sheet to cover or protect your goods. User needs to focus these features while purchasing shelf liner:


Identifying the size of shelf liner for cabinet shelf, wire shelf or wooden shelf is the most important thing while purchasing. Always measure out the space or mass of the shelf before the shopping of the shelf liner. Most wire shelf liners in the market came in Graphite (14-Inch-by-36-Inch). Users can also trim or cut the shelf liner according to the requirement.


A lot of textures are available in the shelf liner to enhance the quality. Some shelf liners are hard to touch and some are so smooth for the surface. Some are waterproofs and some are not. Similarly, some liners are ribbed for extra grip whether some are not. Plastic textured liners are the best liners for wire shelves.

Adhesive vs non- adhesive liners

The most common question in every individual’s mind about shelf liner; adhesive or non-adhesive liner? Adhesive liner will give you so much material to cover the space, as well as it is not an expensive option to go for. After placing these adhesive liners, you can remove these sticky liners easily as others, so do not apply this type of liner on an unfinished woody surface. 

On the other hand, non-adhesive liners are non-slip and gripped bottom design to keep them fixed around the shelves and drawers. These are removable unlike adhesive liners. The cost of non-adhesive liner is much more than adhesive liner and has less product roll. Moreover, these liners are thicker than adhesive ones.

Type of shelf

Selection of shelf liner is depending on the surface of the shelf or wires. For example, plastic liners are appropriate for the open wire shelves. Adhesive and flexible liners can be used in wood cabinet surfaces etc. hence, determination on surface type is very important for the better shelf liner.

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