No one can deny that access doors and panels are essential for modern structures. Without these installations, most buildings will have a challenging time with their upkeep. This reality rings true, especially in a commercial setting where many systems are needed to run multiple spaces with varying needs.

There are many varying types of access doors and panels that are available. Finding one that suits your requirements may take time and patience, so arming yourself with some knowledge about what these products can do will be beneficial. 

Here are some of the types that might be essential for your following projects:


Wood doors for commercial use have a splendid look and are an excellent option for interior applications. However, they may not always provide the same robustness as metal doors. They usually deteriorate when exposed to moisture and other external causes. Despite that flaw, many people still find these types in high regard because of their affordability and beauty.

Wood is a fantastic resource because it is both recyclable and environmentally beneficial. It is a reusable, renewable, and light material that is difficult to replace. Because it is an excellent and dependable product, its use will continue increasing in popularity. When it pertains to wood doors, the following components are a typical staple:

  • Vermiculite or pressed perlite
  • Particleboard
  • Solid wood lumber


In most cases, steel doors are hollow, with a layer of steel wrapped around an internal component, usually a resinous honeycombed core, stiffeners, and foam insulation. In most commercial door projects, steel doors are the usual choice. Due to its robust quality, it is a solid choice for many installations.

Steel doors are the ideal choice for heavy-duty utility applications. An excellent example of such products is the large walk-through access doors installed in places where equipment and personnel need quick and convenient access. Steel is also a great material because it is recyclable. This material is not only resistant to damage but also extremely long-lasting.

These are the properties of steel that make it a viable choice for many projects:

  • Cost-effective
  • Resistant to physical damage
  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting


Aluminum doors are typically at the entryway of many commercial buildings and are a good choice if you want a sleek, beautiful door that allows natural light. They also need less maintenance because they don’t need painting or stainings like other metal doors and wood. However, these doors do have the flaw of only being fire-rated for an hour; most building codes require a higher rating.


Fiberglass doors are often in high-traffic areas and educational institutions to withstand constant wear and tear. They are among the lowest maintenance options for those looking for long-term durability. It has lower replacement and maintenance costs.

Fiberglass comes from sand material where all glass originates. It is a good material with a wide range of possibilities because it is a plentiful and non-depleting resource with a wide range of applications and is environmentally friendly.


As most would think, glass doors allow the most lighting, giving your company or commercial area a more spacious feel. These doors are typically in brick-and-mortar businesses since they allow passersby to see their products. When selecting glass doors, there are a few other factors to consider: 

  • Usually, hung on pivots.
  • Not usually fire-rated.
  • Manufactured from safety glass.
  • Constructed with or without a frame.

Because sand makes up most of a glass’s content, it is a sustainable resource due to its plentiful supply and recyclability. Because this material can become fragile, you can strengthen it with other strong materials.


The material composition of Overhead doors is typically metal, such as steel. These doors are often utilized for bigger spaces, like loading bays, with 8-10 feet widths. You can use these doors to facilitate the movement of large objects, and you can also customize them to your height specifications.

The design of these doors may allow them to coil upwards to the ceiling, similar to garage doors. You can operate them either manually or mechanically. Because of its metal construction, you can relax knowing that it will not negatively influence the environment like most sustainable materials.

The Bottomline

The importance of access doors and panels in a building is non-negotiable. While it is overwhelming to know the various types you can utilize in a given space, consulting a licensed professional is highly beneficial. Always consider asking someone with a credible background because their inputs will help guide you in making a more informed decision.

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