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Getting a fresh look in the bedroom is as easy as a new paint job. Even if your room is done in a color that you love, there may be times when you feel the need to have some more fun with it. A new paint job could really make those four walls seem brand new again. Plus, painting the walls is an inexpensive way to completely change the feel of any room. It will also help tie together other projects that you may have been wanting to do, such as new lighting or carpeting.

Display Art

Artwork adds character to a room and is an essential element of hotel rooms as well. This is the perfect time to show off a huge canvas or framed artwork. Walls with gallery walls, although an ideal choice for other rooms of your home, won’t appear as luxurious when it comes to bedrooms. If you’re drawn by contemporary style an abstract large piece is a good option. If you prefer something more traditional, think about hanging a frame of a landscape. Figure drawings in black and white are stylish too and can be hung on an armoire for an easy, Parisian vibe.

Don’t Forget About the Bathroom

Everyone enjoys a spacious and clean hotel bathroom. Make sure you are creating your bathroom as sleek and minimalist as you can. Put your beauty products in bins or drawers to keep the bathroom clear of clutter. Place a handful of items that are essential to your daily life in a compact basket and place it on top of the marble tray. Be sure that your room is fully stocked with all the things your guests may require including washcloths, toilet paper and plenty of hand soap, and so on. Add a candle or a classy bottle of perfume and you’re prepared.


Luxury hotels spend a great deal of time considering the combinations of pillows for their bed. There are often large, square pillows or Euro pillows that are anchored to the back of the bed in your hotel. They add visual appeal, but they also function.

These are the pillows I will always reach for when I’m looking to relax in the comfort of my bed and watch a film or read the pages of a book. They let you relax without the need to lie down in your bed. Although they require special pillowcases, they’ll be a great way in helping your bed appear.

Your Bedside Table

Hotels are always able to keep all your things in one place, particularly at the table in your bed. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a table in your bed, place it to work for you and bring the best luxury to your home.

If you’re a fan of creams and lotions, make sure you have your hand cream of choice close by so that you are able to reach for it. If you like reading it, make sure you have a collection of your most loved magazines or books in your bag together with a special reading lamp. The things you love the closest to hand will give your room the feel of a private place.

Add a Rug

Putting “a comfortable rug” in the bedroom. So why not put on the fluffy sheepskin near your bed? Your feet will get the royal treatment when you emerge from your cocoon every morning. Carpets are also comfortable; pick one with the black and white color If you don’t want to fill your home with colors. Also, adding colorful mattress toppers or pads is also a good idea. Also, mattress pads and popper are additional layers that provides protection to the bed as well. 

The soft, soft rug may cause you to forget that you’re not yet equipped with the sheets you’ve been lusting over as well as the right lighting arrangement, then you can buy several and put them on the 3 sides of your mattress. Be aware that you’ll be standing on the rug without shoes So the more cushiony (and the fluffy! ) the more comfortable.

Warm Lighting

It’s commonplace to see hotels have lighting fixtures or lamps on the opposite side of the bed. This is a great way to bring the room together visually. It lets you remove the overhead light and create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your room. If you have already got fixtures or lamps but aren’t sure if the lighting is perfect, consider using a lower intensity or even a subtle shade such as pink.

Hang Mirrors

Hotels don’t need to be huge to feel inviting and lovely And neither should your bedroom. If you’re looking to make your room seem larger, you should consider this advice from the design expert. Place mirrors strategically within the room to reflect light and create a feeling of larger. We recommend leaning them on top of the desk to make a temporary vanity. This can also help to make your bedroom appear as if it’s in a luxury hotel. You can also hang mirrors over each bedside table.

Don’t Skimp on Bedding

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A lot of people enjoy sleeping in a comfortable hotel bed on vacation and swear that it makes them sleep more comfortably. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for 9 hours in the evening or manage to get by in just six hours, you’ll need to get the most sleep at home by creating a bed that is comfortable and relaxing. Beddings are supposed to be soft and soft when you touch it.. It should make you feel like you are being embraced in a soft cocoon.” Linen bedding is an increasingly popular selection at the moment and there’s a solid reason for this. Linen bedding gives a sophisticated but lived-in look that never goes out of fashion and is ideal for regulating temperature, making it suitable to use all year long. There are many types of headboards you can choose from, for your bedroom but you need to look for the sizes of the headboards before installing.


There aren’t many things that make you feel as indulgent as staying in a luxury boutique hotel. Hotel beds somehow seem to be soft clouds and the sheets are as soft as silk. Don’t think about the bathrobes. However, you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars or get on a plane in order to experience the wonder of your favorite hotel room.

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