Corona is bringing the kitchen back into focus. Cooking and working at home more. That’s why creative solutions for the workplace in the kitchen are needed. What is the best way to integrate the home office? And which trends will there still be in the kitchen in 2022? You can read that and more here.

Would you like a new, modern and trendy kitchen? Be inspired by the 7 top kitchen trends for 2022.

In our new blog post, our kitchen expert tells you which kitchen shapes, colors, materials and appliances are currently trendy and should not be missing in your modern kitchen. 

The kitchen trends 2022 – this is what they look like:

Actually, the following applies to colours, materials and surfaces in the kitchen: anything that pleases you and suits your own style is allowed. But certain kitchen trends cannot be overlooked when designers and manufacturers present their innovations.

In 2022 it will be dark kitchen fronts, the triumphant advance of cooking islands and smart devices such as the new generation of ovens or cookers that can be set in motion via app control or even on command. New technologies make life easier for hobby cooks, because many kitchen appliances have intelligently expanded their tried-and-tested functions.

Every season has its fashion colors, but the current trend for 2022 is individuality. There is a wide range of colors for the kitchen – from subtle pastel to strong shades of dark anthracite or strong orange, everything is included and can be combined as you wish.

In addition, kitchen manufacturers have also discovered other functional areas of the house after Corona. In the future, the home office can also move into the kitchen. Workplaces grow out of kitchen fronts and fit seamlessly next to shelves and minimalist kitchen fronts. Big advantage: There is plenty of storage space in the new kitchens.

Colors & Fronts

Black is trump. What used to be white and high-gloss is now dark, handleless and matt. The kitchen trends for 2022 in terms of colors and fronts could not stand out more from the classic kitchen as we know it. The trend towards kitchens in dark colors has already developed in recent years: black, grey, anthracite or dark brown are now among the most popular colors for cupboards, fronts and worktops.

We have summarized all trends in detail here:

Trend No. 1: Open Kitchen with Cooking Island

The merging of kitchen and living room has been in trend for some time. The year 2022 also shows the popularity of the open kitchen with a cooking island.

An open kitchen means communication and conviviality while cooking and enjoying. You don’t have to be lonely and alone in the kitchen; you have family and friends around you. The free-standing cooking island with sink, hob and work surface allows the family to cook together.


Clearly, round kitchens are anything but common in modern kitchens. The absolute trend highlights in the kitchen area are straight, angular and no-frills forms. This makes your kitchen appear calm and not crowded.

And don’t worry: With the right decoration, your kitchen will by no means look cold in this modern straight line.


The manufacturers of kitchen furniture, appliances and accessories agree: the 2022 trend is matt! Regardless of whether it is a kitchen front, oven or faucet – matt surfaces should not be missing in your kitchen. 

Glossy lacquer fronts dominated the kitchen market for a long time. But the reign of high-gloss fronts is now over. Matt kitchen fronts are the kitchen trend for 2022.

With a special coating against fingerprints and for easier cleaning, the matt surfaces outperform the high-gloss variant.


In recent years, light kitchens in particular have been in the foreground. But not today!

Dark shades such as black, gray and anthracite are conquering the kitchen market. You will not only find the new trend colors on the kitchen front, dark worktops and kitchen appliances are also part of a modern kitchen. Dark colors look classy and calm, they can also be combined well and provide more individuality.

Of course, the classic white kitchen will also play a major role in 2022. Especially in small kitchens, light kitchen colors are still the unbeaten top seller. But black and gray are slowly but surely catching up.


The latest trend among kitchens: concrete look kitchens.

Cold and uncomfortable? No way! The mega trend “concrete” looks cool, minimalist, clean and elegant at the same time.

You can choose between white, light beige or gray shades. But different shades of brown and rust also create an interesting concrete look in your kitchen.


Are you more of a modern but rustic country house type? Then we have just what you are looking for.

In the modern country kitchen you will currently find the color green and delicate pastel colors in particular. Pastel colors are created when a solid color is mixed with the color white. For example, depending on the amount of white, red becomes pink, purple and white make the color of lilac.

In combination with wooden furniture, the country house atmosphere will almost automatically move into your kitchen. Light shades of green pair well with lighter wood countertops, while darker greens pair best with dark wood. White accents ensure that your kitchen does not become too dark.

Trend No. 7 Gold & copper shine for fittings

If everything was more tone-on-tone last year, your fitting can really shine in 2022! But instead of stainless steel, fittings and sinks in gold or copper shine are popular. These seemingly new fitting colors have already announced themselves through modern bathroom trends and are now finding their way into the kitchen.

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