Most people believe that home improvement projects can and will cost an arm and a leg. But that isn’t always true. You don’t need to blow your budget to bring your condo unit aesthetics to the next level. With a few simple tips, you can get your cozy city home looking stylish and fresh. 

Here are six (6) inexpensive ways to make your condo look more expensive:

1. Put more furniture in a room for soundproofing

One of the many appeals of living in the city is the activity and commotion that is constantly brewing. However, it’s also one of its downsides. Audio blankets and decoupling are great tools for soundproofing condo walls. The only problem is that they can get pretty expensive, even for those with the resources to get them. 

Furniture can add density to a room, which can also help block sound and noise from polluting your space. Gather all the heaviest pieces you have and arrange them against the walls through which noises travel the most. The bigger the furniture, the larger the area it can cover, and the more noticeable this noise-canceling effect will be. 

Need to get more tips for soundproofing a condo unit? You can find more on this page

2. Decorate the walls with art

Plain white walls do have a certain appeal. But if you want to bring your condo aesthetics to the next level, hanging up statement art can help add a splash of character to your barren home. Make sure the pieces you choose are the right size and scale for your space. Furthermore, decide which walls in your condo unit your want your statement art to be placed on. You don’t need a frame on every wall — two to three pieces should be enough. 

3. Choose neutrals

Have you ever tried painting your living space a bold, bodacious hue? If so, how long did it take for your to grow tired of that color and switch to something more soothing? 

Neutral shades are notorious for providing living spaces with a calming and relaxing aura. And since they go so well with other shades and hues, neutrals also open you up to a doze of other design opportunities. 

4. Throw outworn, broken items in your home

You don’t find battered, crumbling old towels in luxury boutiques and hotels. Why should you keep them around in your condo if the goal is to make your space look more expensive? Pay a visit to the nearest department store in your area. Grab a couple of fresh, fluffy towels to wash and display at home. So the next time you have guests at home, they can experience the same luxurious environment as they would in a five-star hotel. 

5. Upgrading old furniture

A simple and cost-effective way to make the furniture in your condo look more expensive is to give them a little upgrade. For instance, if you have cabinets and dressers with knobs or handles that need changing, switch them out with something more in fashion. 

Want to upgrade your kitchen look? Paint over cupboard and cabinet handles with brass or copper paint. This will give your kitchen a warmer, more sophisticated vibe. 

6. Don’t be scared to mix and match

Most people avoid this last tip for fear of making the wrong choices. You can customize your condo unit’s look and vibe by mixing and matching different textures, colors, and designs. For instance, pair classic wooden armchairs with small, metal accessories. Wrap your pillows in cases made of different fabrics, such as velvet, silk, or corduroy. Let your imagination lead you to where you ought to be. 


You don’t have to sacrifice an arm and a leg to get the condo of your dreams. Following the six (6) simple tips we’ve enumerated on this list can help you make your condo look more expensive for cheap. Good luck!

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