Your living room space is usually the first point of contact for visitors to your home. You need this space to be unique and welcoming.

Adding art to your living room can be an extraordinary method for making them exceptional and exciting. Art can bring feeling and color into a room, and you can make an electrifying statement with the right pieces hung tight on your living room walls.

In case you’re looking to get additional art into your living room, it’s possible to be overwhelmed by the plethora of choices available. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you tips on how to invigorate your lounge by showcasing artistic works.

Hang Fine Art Just A Little Above The Couch

The guideline for hanging art is to have the focal point of the art around 57 inches (145 cm) above the floor. This is an estimated height of an average person’s eye level and the standard utilized in exhibitions. 

However, conditions at home are quite different from those around exhibitions; hence this is not functional in the living room. Most living rooms have couches and sitting materials, and often, a seated position is maintained there. 

Hanging your fine art is best done at a height lower than the art gallery standard. Hang your artwork a little above your couch at a height that agrees with the eye level of any person sitting on the couch. 

This does not only offer a more agreeable sight, but it also will blend with the furniture and other effects put in the room.

Making A Gathering Plan

You have to note that the artwork in your living room usually becomes the room’s focal point. When there are different pieces of art you want to show in your living room, there is no more important thing than to keep a visual balance. 

However, you don’t need to feel limited to just picking one sort of fine art for your lounge. Often, a blend of various types of pieces can have a greater effect than picking from only one kind of art. This is an extraordinary method to include diversity and styles in your living. 

Usually,  while viewing the artwork, the eyes move from the left towards the right. Exhibition walls feel the most proper when the most attractive pieces are on the left. You will likewise need to organize works of varying sizes with balance as your primary concern.

Generally, it is a good idea to have a brilliant plan to arrange your art pieces. A wall full of unorganized fine arts will not give an inviting impression no matter how beautiful these artworks are.

Consider Incorporating Nature

Numerous art pieces exist that reference flowers, views, and vistas. You can likewise select from wonderful visual art pieces that catch dawns, dusks, and other lovely minutes in nature. These sorts of pieces can cause your lounge to feel like a beautiful garden, oceanside, or delightful dawn without stress.

At times the most captivating arts are decisions that carry the outside into the interior of your home. This can be significant assistance assuming you have a marginally dim or shut-off lounge or you live in a space that does not offer an outlook of nature in any capacity.

Views of nature make an exceptional state of mind. You can represent the plan and the sensation of your lounge in an extremely optimistic manner assuming you select nature-roused art for your living room.

Provide Enough Light

Lighting makes it all the better while showing your admired art pieces. It is likewise a simple expansion to any lounge. These kinds of lights are little and simple to introduce.

Shine more light on your artwork, and it will make it unique, noticeable, and effortlessly appreciated by people that come into your living room. Extra light always adds extra beauty to artwork. Avoid the use of light with sources from the floor to maximize its effects. 

Fill Your Space Adequately

While adorning your living room with fine art, contemplate the size of the artwork and how well it fits your wall or space. 

A little piece of fine art on a truly enormous space can seem awkward and simply abnormal. To make a space with more visual allure and balance, select an art piece that is large enough to fit your wall or display space, depending on the size.

Use Varieties Of Styles And Shapes


Blending and matching frames can be an exquisite method for giving your living room that beautiful “gathered over the long haul” vibe that will be remarkable to your living room space. You can use matte, glossy, mirrored metallic, wood, or various tones. In some cases, there is no need for frames altogether.

Utilizing different shapes and sizes of artwork can separate the dullness of standard shows that simply utilize square pictures and portrait art pieces that are overall a similar size. 

Incorporating different styles and shapes is the ideal way to display fine art in your home. This sort of exceptional art piece display will make an exciting demonstration of your desire for art.

Consider The Color Of The Wall

Image3 (1)

Another essential factor to consider is the color of the wall. You need to align the color of your living room wall while choosing a piece of art to hang. Selecting a simple neutral color offers a unique platform for your artwork.

Decorate Your Living Room

Compelling artwork establishes a strong connection with individuals that come across it. When you include artistic work in your living room, you can make a unique space and express your thoughts. 

When you practice these different approaches to adding artwork to your living room, you will observe that you can make a total mindset or feeling that would not be imaginable without these art pieces.


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