Swimming pools are great for cooling off during the summer and staying active. But, like most things, there’s a downside to having such a beautiful addition to your backyard or apartment. Taking care of a pool can be one of the most difficult tasks you’ll ever face. In this article, learn five ways that you can keep your swimming pool healthy!

Maintaining the Pool

It’s possible to keep a pool clean and healthy if you follow these steps:

  • Do not swim in the pool with any open wounds.
  • Make sure that chemicals are only added as directed and verified by the instructions.
  • Keep pool toys away from the water.
  • If your pool has a filter, make sure that it is properly cleaned and regularly maintained.

Cleaning and Filtering

Cleaning your pool is the most important thing you can do when it comes to keeping it healthy. But, maintaining a filter is equally as important. You’ll need to change out your filter cartridge every 2-4 weeks depending on the size of your pool and what type of filter you have.  It will ensure that your pool remains clean and healthy for years to come.

Regularly clean your filter to maintain the water quality. You can use a pool vacuum to vacuum the bottoms of the pool, but be careful not to disturb the skimmers that are at the bottom of the pool for filtering debris out. 

Covering the pool

A swimming pool cover or pool enclosure is a great way to protect your pool from the sun, rain, and snow. It can also keep your pool warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The cover helps prevent algae growth and keeps the water clean by preventing debris from falling into it. It also adds a nice touch to any landscape design.    

Covering the pool also protects your investment by keeping out leaves and other debris that can clog pipes or damage machinery. This will also help prevent any unwanted objects from coming into contact with your pool’s chemicals.

The Importance of Sanitation

A swimming pool is an ecosystem, with more than 20,000 gallons of water. One way to keep your pool healthy is by keeping it clean and using chemicals properly. A lot of people disregard the importance of sanitation when using pool chemicals, which can lead to a number of health problems such as rashes, eye irritation, and skin cancers.

Installing a Pool Formation

Installing a pool formation is one of the best ways to keep your swimming pool healthy and comfortable. You can buy a pool formation kit, which comes with all of the parts needed to make this type of installation easy. The wood flooring and resin surface are both UV-resistant parts that will last for years.


The best way to keep a swimming pool healthy is by having a cover. A cover will protect your pool from leaves, debris and dirt while also reducing the chance of contaminants getting into the water. If you cannot afford a cover, you can add a filter or use chlorine to disinfect the water in your pool. Another easy way to keep your swimming pool healthy is by emptying and cleaning it often.

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