Renovating your kitchen is a significant and exciting task to do. You get to choose whatever colors and kitchen cabinets you like, but remember, whatever your remodeling plans are, we’re here to help you make sure you get the most out of your kitchen space. 

Kitchen renovation may be stressful if you’re not really sure what you’re doing. Choosing a kitchen designer may be a part of the process, but doing it yourself isn’t a bad idea. So, if your current kitchen is out of style, you need some realistic and valuable ideas and tips to create the most beautiful kitchen you’ve always dreamt of. 

Are you looking for kitchen décor and practical advice? Read further for inspiration. 

Choosing the Elements You Want in Your Kitchen

Kitchens are arguably an essential space in a home. After all, it’s true that we spend most of the time there preparing meals, gathering with friends and family, and it’s only natural to want to design a great and chic space. Due to this, a kitchen should always be designed with proper care. 

If you’re going to do a drastic remodel, it’s essential to think about the elements you want and needs in your kitchen design. Analyze your current kitchen and think about what is your new kitchen design. Often, it’s best to do it before you go to a kitchen store or call a kitchen designer. Using what works in your kitchen now and changing what doesn’t. This is a process where you will have the chance to get creative. Also, you can recycle and reuse things rather than throw them away. 

Think about your kitchen units: do you want a kitchen island? Is your living area large enough to incorporate a kitchen island? What kind of sink and kitchen appliances do you need to fit? 

Undoubtedly, you must give aesthetics a good amount of consideration. Aesthetics play an essential role in designing a kitchen, but functionality is also vital. If a kitchen it’s not functional, it doesn’t matter how good it looks. 

According to Houzz’s kitchen trends study made in 2017, more than 60% of homeowners who remodeled their kitchen chose to change the entire layout, making it more open space. This is an example for those who would like to design a more functional kitchen. If you would like to create a functional kitchen, don’t make it overlooked. Choose simple designs, and get rid of other meaningless ones. All these factors must be considered before making a kitchen renovation plan. 


It is incredibly essential to consider the most critical factor when it comes to a functional kitchen design: storage. Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as too much storage, so you should add as many storage units as possible. Cabinets, drawers, racks, shelves, base cabinets under the countertops, wall cabinets, and so on. All of these are essential to make sure you include a hidden storage space for your kitchen disposals. 

Think of how you’re going to use the space and include all the necessary storage options. Considering your needs, you might want to add a full range of kitchen cabinets of all sizes and shapes. With the help of a kitchen designer, you’ll be able to design your dream kitchen. 


Lighting is something that all homeowners tend to forget when designing a kitchen. Luckily, you’re here reading this, so don’t make the mistake of not considering the most crucial thing in a home: lighting. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you must make sure that there’s plenty of natural light. For proper lighting, you might include illuminated lights above the countertops. It helps when preparing food, especially if it’s at night. If you’re looking to create a highly functional kitchen, place under-cabinet lighting for more sophistication. 

Choose Chic Minimalist Cabinetry 

Chic minimalist kitchens are suitable in modern homes. Still, they also look great in simple spaces—elegant, minimalist cabinetry, simple color schemes, and maybe a couple of extra pieces. Because for most families, the kitchen is the focal point of the home where everyday activities happen, it makes sense to simplify the space and design it according to your tastes and needs. Minimalist home décor is a trend that’s here to stay. Minimalist kitchens are sleek refined, although some people might describe them as incomplete. But this is just a matter of personal taste. 

A color palette for a minimalist kitchen isn’t limited to black and white only. Matte charcoal adds interest and depth to the space. A beautiful flower arrangement displayed in a black vase and abstract artwork will soothe your soul. Minimalist kitchens feature a natural material, like marble, offering texture and unique design to the space. The missing piece of the puzzle? A statement chandelier. 

Statement lighting illuminates the floor, ceiling, and windows, adding extra style. Add a burst of character by hanging art in your kitchen. Many kitchen designers agree that art belongs to the kitchen as well. You can feel free to play with proportions rather than cracking to the idea of the “perfect room”. Arrange condiment containers in bottles rather than placing them all together to create that visual clutter that gives the space definition.  

The Conclusion

Designing a kitchen requires thoughtful care, but you should always consider functionality first. Aesthetics play an important role, but unless the kitchen is really functional, it won’t be such a pleasure to spend time in. The kitchen layout determines the positioning of countertops at the pace, so it’s by far one of the essential things to consider. Always make sure you include enough natural light in the space to add extra functionality. 

Finally, the choice of kitchen cabinets also plays a significant role in determining what you’d like your kitchen to look like. Buy high-quality products for kitchens at competitive prices in online stores.

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