Mismatched dining chairs trend ideas to add character and charm fi

The mismatched dining chairs trend is popular because it adds extra visual interest. If you are confused about what can be mismatched in your dining room, the ideas below are perfect for you.

Sub In A Bench

Looking for an alternate take on mismatched chairs? Here you can use a bench on one side of a rectangular table rather than two chairs. This idea will give that mismatched feeling but with a grounding element that benches bring to the table. So, use matching chairs around the rest of the table and place the bench opposite two matching chairs on the length of the table. Las, the option of this chair adds extra flair and personality to your dining room.

Same Color Different Style

In the mismatched dining chairs technique, color can be a great unifier. So, this idea lets you venture into a wider mix of dining chair styles and shapes while in a way that will appear complementary.  After that, the white-washed wood church pew adds a homey touch to your cozy dining space.

Mind Your Heights

Look at the mismatched dining chairs in this room. The chairs there are divided into 2 styles with the same heights. Therefore, its combination creates an up-level look and a sense of consistency although the styles of the dining chairs are different.

Mix And Match Shapes

Mix and matching different chair shapes is a great idea to add visual interest around the table. So, mixing different shapes will not only add nuance to the style but will also add visual interest to your dining room area. You may choose the round and rectangular shapes, which veers more formal, meanwhile a wishbone chair paired with a rectangular chair is expected to be much more casual. Last, this mismatched technique proofs everyone that it can be suit a variety of looks.

Mismatched Materials

This dining room uses slipcovered chairs that add visual weight and contrast to the slender wooden chairs. Thanks to the covers’ full silhouette in a soft jute-cotton blend there that shows us a great combination of wood and cane chairs.

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