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A home is a safe haven for many families, and it’s understandable why homeowners want to design it beautifully and comfortably. With the current situation of the pandemic, more and more people prefer to chill and relax in their homes than go to public places or outdoors. Having said that, it makes total sense to spruce your home with more accent pieces to improve its aesthetics and comfort level. One trick that yields such results is by adding throw blankets.

You may have already seen some inspirations on interior design, and you’ve seen some homes using throw blankets. They sure can elevate the feel and vibe of your home. Decorative blankets are definitely handy all the more during the colder days. Imagine your family members snuggle up with a fluffy throw blanket to feel refreshed and cozy while spending time together at home. 

Poster mockup with two vertical frames on empty white wall in bedroom interior with bed, green plaid and plants. 3d rendering.

Poster mockup with two vertical frames on empty white wall in bedroom interior with bed, green plaid and plants. 3D rendering.

If you don’t know how or where to place them, here are some stylish ways to decorate your home with these beautiful additions:

1. Hang Them Low

One of the usual places where homeowners use decorative blankets is in the living room.

You can casually hang the blanket low on the couch. You should fold your throw blanket into three parts lengthwise, and then fold it in half in the opposite direction. The shorter area can be draped onto the arm of your sofa or the cushion, whichever you prefer. Remember to have the fringes or other drapey details facing down when doing this technique. Modify this design by adjusting the length of the folds. 

2. Imperfectly Lay Them On The Couch

Similar to the tip above, this is another way to use blankets on your couch. However, this doesn’t instruct you any folding or specific ways of hanging your blanket. Make your living room feel more inviting when you incorporate throw blankets. But, as with the tousled bedhead look, making it seem so effortless takes a little longer than you think. The key is to balance, making it look imperfect but not messy or cluttered.

To drape a throw over the back of the couch, pinch it at its center, then drag it over the corner. Or, you can loosely set the blanket on the sofa and adjust its creases and drapes. Let some fabric fall over the couch’s front and even have it touch the floor with whatever technique you choose. Just make sure it won’t get stepped on or accumulate dust bunnies on the floor. You can achieve an effortless and an imperfect-looking draping blanket, while still looking aesthetically pleasing, when you use this technique.

3. Place Them In A Secret Storage

It’d be lovely to have a big blanket when you’re feeling cold. When you live in a cold place, a blanket is deemed necessary, after all. It’s pretty handy to use when you want to feel warm or have something with which to wrap your body when feeling sick.

If your throw blanket is too bulky or the design doesn’t fit your interior design or theme, you can keep it in a secret storage space. For instance, it could be a chair with a storage bin inside. Or, it could be a shelf with a cover so your blanket can be easily accessed when the situation calls for it.

4. Neatly Fold Them

A neatly folded blanket on your couch’s seat or arm will not go wrong. This is very easy to achieve when you have a thin blanket with a lovely pattern. Look over your couch and decide which area to place your neatly-folded blanket.  

Make sure the patterns, designs, and colors perfectly go with the upholstery, color, and pillows of your couch. Although this method is perfect for thin blankets, it’d be enough to warm you up.

5. Drape On Stools And Benches

Blankets shouldn’t be placed on stools or benches that guests or family members often use. However, if you have spare ones that aren’t used much, they’d be the best stools to drape your blanket over. This would be a great accessory to make your bar stand out.

You can also find a storage bench that looks too plain in hindsight, so it’s better to accentuate it with throw blankets. Whether you have an indoor bench or some stools, you can drape a smaller-sized blanket to elevate the style of your home.  

6. Hang It Somewhere Visible

A throw blanket made from a lightweight fabric can easily be hung next to the bed, on a rung of a decorative ladder. By doing this, you’ll be able to fully display your throw when not in use and leave your bed cushions undisturbed when you grab them. This technique aims to make the throw blankets visible as a design feature of your bed.


You don’t have to limit decorative throw blankets to just the bedroom. Your living room, bar, and indoor benches are great places to hang your throw blankets. With the tips enclosed in this article, you can proceed in using throw blankets to make your home feel cozier and look more beautiful. 

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