Floor tiles in stone look, wood look, concrete look are a low cost, easy to maintain option as compared to the original materials which are sometimes hard to source. The best part of tiles is that a ton of options are available to choose from. You can coordinate your interior decor and match it with the tile colour or design for symmetry. We have shortlisted some unique design concepts in floor tiles that are making their way in the latest flooring trends this year.

Blue Stone Look Tiles

Blue is a very versatile colour and it blends in beautifully with the surroundings. Bluestone design floor tiles can uplift the entire decor of the house. Choose from endless options in azure designs or customise it for a personal touch. A lot of interior design today is a reflection of the personalities of those living on the premise. You can experiment with different designs in each part of the house for a unique feel in every room. Since these tiles have inbuilt designs in them, you can be assured that the designs will not fade off over the years. Blue stone is ingrained into the designs which can look magical in any interiors. Once in a while, you may just need to use a tile floor cleaning machine to retain the original charm and get rid of the grout that can form layers. Click here to find out more about tile floor cleaning machines.

White Washed Wooden Look Tiles

Tiles that look like wooden planks have been used as a substitute for actual wooden flooring for many years. They are an amazing eco-friendly substitute for the original wood. But the newest on the block is the whitewashed rustic wooden look tiles. Those who are in love with the beach look in the interiors or the patio can check this tile out. Whitewashed tiles can make the place look bigger and brighter along with showing creativity in the balcony or gazebo. 

Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan Tiles are famous for their intricate designs. These tiles were originally inspired by the ottoman palaces which had these ethnic tiles in beautiful layouts over very large spaces. The decor should not stop at an attractive ceiling, flooring is equally important to consider when the decor is panned out. Some Moroccan tiles have precious stone inlaying too for more sophisticated and grand infrastructure. They look super stylish and you may not need very opulent furniture when the floor tiles have so much going on.

Mosaic Tiles

You must have seen those fish scale designs, marble look tiles with gold inlaying and overlapping patterns in tiles. Those are all different versions of mosaic tiles. These designer tiles provide a very appealing look to even the most boring corners of the house. The gold inlaying can look rich and glamorous even if used on walls. These tiles look very beautiful and they blend with the minimalistic decor trends that have been so popular in the last few years. 


There are a lot of options in design and colors to choose from in tiles. Since they are easy to replicate and assemble, you don’t have to compromise on the entire look of the place. You can get similar decor off the Pinterest boards right to your living room. You can alternate between two entirely different tiles to create your own patterns. Colored tiles are also making interior designing a lot of fun. Black tiles look enigmatic on the floor while grey ones look cool and go with most decor. Sea green shaded marble look tiles are great for hotter climates as they look easy and cool on the eyes. We hope we switched on your creative mind with so many new trends to choose from. 

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