Dust is the most unwelcome guest in our house. Its existence can ruin the look of your furniture, and it makes your house dirty and unhealthy. It’s very irritating and can cause different allergies because of its small particles. They are present everywhere and every time. Keeping dust at bay needs some attention and hard work by making conscious efforts such as carpet cleaning. Here are a few effective tips that will help you reduce dust in your home.

Clean Surfaces Regularly

Cleaning surfaces regularly can go a long way towards keeping the house dust-free. If possible, clean the surfaces daily using a damp cloth as it reduces the number of air-borne particles and helps prevent them from settling on surfaces. Invest in a high-quality microfiber cloth as they do a great job picking up dirt without scattering them around. Also, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from carpets and furniture pieces like sofas and chairs.

Change Your A/C Filter

The easiest way to remove dust from the air in your home is by changing the filter on your air conditioner. The filter helps to trap dust particles before they enter your air ducts and recirculate through your house. If you do not change the filter at least once every three months, a significant amount of dust can make its way into your home. 

Use Blinds Instead of Curtains

Blinds accumulate less dust than curtains, so you will spend less time cleaning them. In addition, blinds allow you to control the entry of natural light into your home and protect your privacy at the same time. You can find different types of aluminum blinds that suit your windows.

Clean Your Carpets Regularly

Carpets are the number one dust collector in your home. The good news is that carpets trap the dust, so it’s not floating around in your air. The bad news is that the dust has to go somewhere eventually. You can vacuum your carpets every day or go for professional carpet cleaning services at least once a month. If you have pets, consider going for cleaning services at least twice a month. The best way to pick up pet hair from your carpet is by using a rubber glove or mitt after vacuuming. You can also use a used dryer sheet for this method as well.

Vacuum and Mop Weekly

Vacuuming and mopping don’t just make your house look clean and shiny. They also help to remove dust from your floors. They’ll stick around if you don’t vacuum or mop often enough. So, pick up that broom and vacuum cleaner once a week to keep your home free from dust. Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter or a microfiltration bag to capture small particles and prevent them from recirculating into the air. Vacuum all areas where dust accumulates, including carpets and upholstered furniture.

Bottom Line

Amazingly, our homes are linked to the atmosphere, exposed to several harmful elements. Therefore, it is sensible to have effective ways to control the dust particles within our homes. This article shares some effective tips that can reduce the concentration of dust particles in your home and protect you from air-borne diseases.

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