The weather is starting to warm up and there’s nothing better than hanging out with friends on a warm day. But perhaps you prefer something more relaxing than a crowded bar or park. Well, have you considered hosting a variety of events in your backyard? Hosting events in the backyard is not only more relaxing, but it is also safer with the current epidemic situation. Being with people close to you also makes for a better event experience, a feeling that is difficult to feel in other settings. So we’ve compiled a list of events that can be held in your backyard that will make you the best event planner.

Backyard camping

This is a very fun event for kids and adults to participate in. You can look up at the stars in the grass with your friends without worrying about safety. A little bit of fun, adventure, and excitement can provide you with a unique experience. It requires much less preparation than outdoor camping and can be held even with a low budget. Camping tents are essential. Take your tent out and find a smooth, flat surface in your backyard. Lay a mat or sleeping bag on the floor of your tent, which will give you extra comfort. After placing your tent, the pop-up canopy will be your best helper in backyard camping. During the day, it will give you a separate space where you can sit and relax and chat with your family. It also provides double protection during the night.

Beyond that are the basics, classic camping foods are hot dogs and roasted marshmallows. Food that matches the theme of the event can effectively enhance the atmosphere. And don’t forget about lighting, you should have at least a headlamp or flashlight. For a better effect, you can also choose lanterns or solar-powered string lights.

Backyard camping also has plenty of fun activities to do to keep the day exciting.

Sit around and tell stories. No camping night is complete without a story, with everyone gathered around the campfire. You can tell your friends about your recent life. Afterward, horror stories should come to the fore, whether they are real or fictional experiences, one horror story per person to keep you awake for the night.

Movie night. Choose a popular movie and all get together to discuss the plot while eating popcorn. There’s no greater joy than this, and in the end, everyone can lie down together and look up at the sky. Under the stars, you can forget about the stress of life and relieve the accumulated fatigue. When you wake up, it will be a new day.

Backyard Cocktail Party

There’s nothing better for warm weather than an outdoor cocktail party. Enjoy your tweaked cocktails with friends in the backyard with the sun and fresh air. It’s such an enjoyable activity. A cocktail party is not a difficult thing to do, just follow these steps. First, do a little dressing up of the venue. It’s a cocktail party, a little atmosphere is needed. No matter what type of party it is, string lights can always help, not only does it illuminate during the night but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal. Second, keep your guests comfortable. Place fluffy cushions on the outdoor seating and have a shawl or blanket ready so it doesn’t get cold in the evening. Finally, prepare food and enough ice in advance. You can set up the tables in a buffet style so that it is convenient and guests will feel at ease.

Backyard BBQ Party

Speaking of backyard activities, how can you miss the most classic barbecue party. Unlike cocktail parties where you don’t need to set up the backyard much, barbecuing with friends can be a much more fun event. Of course, before holding a barbecue party there are a few things that need to be noted.

Prepare all the ingredients in advance. Wash and cut up the vegetables for the barbecue, and marinate the meat in advance. This way, you can start grilling as soon as the guests arrive. You can also let guests grill their food, so they can choose their food and seasoning, which is what makes grilling parties so unique and fun.

Have guests bring different side dishes. Believe me, this can make it a lot easier for you, especially if you invite a lot of people. This enriches the dishes and can lighten your load. It also allows guests to have food while they wait for the grill.

Provide cold beer. This is the soul of a barbecue party. Enjoying a cold beer while chatting with friends makes the party even more perfect. In addition to alcoholic beverages, you can also thoughtfully prepare lemonade or ice water. Keep the guests always hydrated.


Now you know what kinds of events can be held in your backyard, not only these but a variety of events can be held in the backyard. And at Quictent, you can find the most suitable pop up canopy in the backyard event.If you want to hold a backyard event, you must remember to enjoy it whether it is successful or not. As long as you have fun and can make people laugh, then everything is worth trying.

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