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While it’s about steak, doesn’t that sound like a picnic? However, it’s also a matter of fear to make the steak perfect for many. However, the process of preparing the perfect steak is easy.

And if you are a steak lover, who wants to enjoy it at home rather than going to a restaurant, this article is for you.

Here we’ve given some essential tips to prepare the perfect dish for you to enjoy, yourself, your family, or friends.

Grill your perfect steak: How to do it?

Yes, fire up. Here the storyline begins. You might have heard myths about cooking appliances, but those shouldn’t be problems. Are you thinking of buying a gas grill in your budget? There’s plenty out there. Go online, and it’s easy to get one.

Enough of tittle-tattle for now. Let’s know how to prepare your steak.

Heat up

Remember, it’s not mandatory to choose any particular gadget. You can go with either a cast iron pan or a gas grill. What if you’re interested in open-air cookery on the steak stone? Whatever the surface is, you get to prepare it really hot.

The variation in steaks requires different temperature stretches. Normally, the suggested temperature range is 120 degrees to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. You can cook in between as a beginner.

What’s matter, by the time you have your steak piece ready, you don’t want to give it even a second delay as you are going to do something yummy. But, are you ready?

Choose your piece

So, what would you like as your steak dish? That completely depends on your taste. As long as it’s the heating time, let’s discuss what could make today together. It can be from rib or shank, or plate. You’ve got lots of choices.

Would you like to try something catchy and tasty for your very first run? Bone-in ribeye is the one I would go for. It’s a perfect one for juicy fat content. Let’s go with that for now. But definitely, you won’t ignore your taste bud next time.


Preparing your meat is the most important part. Some like the spice more, while others prefer the basic flavor. There’s a slight argument about applying butter coating before or after seasoning. For seasoning, kosher salt and black pepper are the common ingredients. You can add additional spices, but you should know what you’re doing.

Make sure the meat piece isn’t too much moist. You can’t put it on the heat just from the refrigerator. Wait at least 30 minutes. If it’s a fresh shop, soak up as much as the watery state with tissue paper. Make sure the peeper and the kosher salt have covered the steak piece entirely. When it’s all done, now comes the final step.

Your steak on pot

After all the rest is done, take the steak on the gas grill or the pan. You’ll agree that the searing sound is so satisfying. Wait 2 minutes and crosshatch it by about 45 degrees. It would give the steak a good heat and a nice diamond design. After waiting 2 more minutes, do the same thing for the other side for 4 minutes more.

After a total of 8 minutes, you can finally take out your diamond-designed steak. Check the firmness before that. Isn’t it exciting? It’s tender all over.

Final words

Can’t wait to taste your first steak? You’ve got to be patient 10 more minutes. It’s important for the taste carrying over the cooking by its heat. Give the butter time spread equally to each point that would give you a completely flavorful experience. 

At last, now, it’s your turn to slice. I’m sure people will like eating it the same way you’ll like the soothing edges.

How do you grill the perfect steak was not necessary to be a tough dish. But it can be a big day for you. Nowadays, people don’t eat only anymore. Besides, who wouldn’t like to serve the family at least for a weekend, or even a snacks time? Doesn’t it sound exciting? We welcome you to take this shot for now and thank me later. For now, enjoy!

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