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A brown couch is a must-have for every earthy and neutral tone lover. But decorating the interiors around a brown couch can be tricky. Particularly when deciding on the rug’s color to be placed beneath the brown couch. Not all rugs complement a brown sofa. Still, many multi-color area rugs aptly suit a brown couch.

To save you from the grueling task of finding the perfect match for a brown couch, we have brought some of the best area rugs that look captivating under a brown sofa. One of the best ways to aggrandize the presence of a brown couch is to have a multicolor area rug in your living room or any other room where there is brown furniture. Multicolored area rugs have a perception of being bold, but after going through the article below, you will realize that multicolor area rugs can be subtle too. Here are some of the multicolor area rugs that complement a brown couch.

Best looking Rug Colors with Brown Couch

Canopus Grey

2.canopus grey

Canopus Grey is a multicolor area rug with neutral hues spread over horizontal rows of geometric boxes. The rectangular boxes on the rug have been hand-tufted using bamboo viscose all over the carpet. It is a luxurious hair-on-hide rug handmade by joining pieces of fabrics in a selective color palette, also known as patchwork. Canopus is capable of making the interiors more appealing when placed beneath a brown couch. The geometrical pattern of beige and grey boxes on the rug complements it with a brown sofa.

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Puzzle Multi

3.puzzle multi

Another multicolor area rug is the Puzzle Multi by MAT Living. It is one of the beautiful rugs that perfectly go with a brown couch. It is a hand-tufted multicolor area rug with four-sided figures arranged symmetrically, forming a puzzle-like pattern all over. Random quirky shades are used for tufting the right-angled boxlike parallelograms in this multicolor area rug.

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Khema8 Multi

4.khema 8 multi

Khema8 Multi is a handwoven multicolor rug made from 100% New Zealand wool. It is a flat weave rug with linear piles on it, differentiating colors by creating symmetrical boxes spread all over the rug. Khema8 Multicolor area rug sets off flawlessly a brown couch, and it has boxes in darker shades of orange that coincide with a brown sofa to create a mesmerizing living area.

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Smarties Multi

5.smarties multi

Pico Smarties Multi is another fascinating piece by MAT Living that effortlessly enhances the interiors of a living room when placed under a brown couch. It is a luxurious hand-knotted rug made from the Soumak weaving technique that involves wrapping wool in a specific count around several warps from one selvage to another. The rug has polka dots made of wool ornamented all over in similar colored diagonals creating a retro effect on the rug.

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Messina Multi

6.messina multi

Messina Multi is another multicolor rug with a white base that superbly holds a brown couch with the other detailing around. This multicolored area rug has been created using the patterns representing orange and brown floral arrangements of blossoms seemingly bursting out from the canvas. This rug aptly goes with a brown couch due to the presence of browns and oranges on the rug. It represents a branch of flowers, creating a neutral floor covering for a brown sofa.

Some of the most inspirational rugs with a brown couch have been mentioned above. To explore more such beautiful rugs, you can visit the website of MAT Living and get one that goes with your brown couch.

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