Opting for a simpler life is one of many reasons why people move from a house to an apartment. You might be an empty nester, looking for a fresh start, or want less responsibility in your life. Downgrading from a larger living space to something smaller requires ample planning. You also need to prepare yourself mentally to adapt to a new lifestyle once you relocate.

Many people find that moving from a house to an apartment is an upgrade in many ways. Despite the lifestyle change, you’ll have more free time and money to spend. You can travel more because of the lower living expenses. If you prefer staying in, you can devote more hours to your favorite hobbies.

Depending on where you move, your rent may be lower than what you were paying on a mortgage. Regardless, you won’t have to pay property taxes. Two other advantages are that apartments have less space to clean and no lawn work. Household chores can be physically demanding and tiresome when you own a house. Renting an apartment rests your body and eases your mind with more time to relax. 

Here are some tips on how to move from a house to an apartment.

Start As Soon as Possible

After you decide to move into a smaller space, you can start preparing as soon as possible. Give yourself enough time to adjust if something doesn’t go as planned. If you’re selling your house, speak with a realtor and look at different properties available to rent.

Get ready to transfer utilities from your old home out of your name or to your new apartment. Depending on where you move, there may be different providers, and you’ll need to set up an account. You also may find an apartment that has utilities included in the rent.

For any properties you have your eye on, get the measurements and layouts of your new space. File for a change of address once you sign the lease for your apartment and have the move-in date. You can let the post office know when to start forwarding your mail. 

Create Your List of Items That Will Stay or Go

You need to decide what items you’re going to keep and move into the apartment. Not everything can go with you, and the house needs to be cleared for the next owner. Go room by room and start with the smallest items to figure out what will stay or go. 

Sell or donate any furniture more than two years old that’s not a family heirloom or antique. Check the measurements and layout of your apartment to see what won’t be able to fit. If any newer furniture is too big, you need to part with it.

Moving from a house to an apartment also gives you a chance to go through your clothes. Anything you haven’t worn in the past year can be donated or sold. Throw out stained or damaged clothing because you no longer need them to do yard work.

Buy New Furniture

Since you’re not moving old furniture, you get a chance to buy brand new items. The apartment measurements and layout will help you properly plan. You want to buy smaller furniture that will fit with no issues. Stores and websites carry space-saving designs or pieces that offer storage. 

Use the money you made from selling your old items to buy new furniture for the apartment. Smaller and more efficient pieces typically cost less and are affordable. You can also wait until after you and the buyer close on your house. 

Hire Movers

According to this Plano moving company, hiring movers will tremendously reduce the amount of stress you feel. After emptying out the entire house, you’ll be happy to get some professional help. You can then shift your mindset into adjusting to a much smaller space.

 Unless your apartment is on the first floor, you’ll have to carry all the boxes up flights of stairs. Movers can help by making the process much quicker and easier for you. The company will have a truck to fit all your belongings, reducing the number of back and forth trips.

Figure Out Storage

Unlike a house, space is scarce in an apartment, and you have to make the most out of what you have. Utilize storage bins and other solutions to keep your new home organized and neat. Find the right products that fit your apartment and optimize the space.  

Consider hiring a storage company for items you want to keep but don’t need in your apartment. Many people rent out units to store all different types of belongings. Find a storage company near your home so you don’t have to travel too far.

Enjoy Your New Lifestyle

Moving from a house to an apartment is a perfect example of the phrase “less is more.” Deciding to live in a smaller space offers many benefits. Lower utility bills and not paying property taxes will save you money. You also will have more time to enjoy yourself and do the things you love. Renting an apartment gives you cost savings and fewer physical demands. 

Cleaning will take less time because your apartment will be a fraction of the size of your old house. One of the best benefits is not having to do any more lawn work and maintain landscaping on your property. 

Soon after moving into your apartment, you’ll embrace and enjoy your new lifestyle.

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