There’s no question that one of the best things about staying at a hotel is the bed. After all, there’s really no feeling like luxurious bed sheets. But you don’t have to leave that hotel feel at check out. Why not bring a little bit of luxury back to your own bedroom for you to enjoy every night? 

If you want to evoke the feeling of a night away in the comfort of your own bedroom, then simply follow these easy tips.

Make your bed with multiple layers of bed linen

When you make your bed, you’ll most likely have (at the very least) a fitted sheet to cover the mattress, a flat sheet, and maybe a blanket or quilt to top it off. If you want your bed to feel like one you’d find in a luxury hotel room, you need to add more layers.

With the large amount of guests that luxury hotels welcome, they have to protect their beds. As well as a couple of layers of sheets, blankets and quilts, they also have a mattress protector, bed skirt, top sheet, and even throws. Adding these layers to your own bed will not only make it feel more luxurious, but will also prolong the life of your bed by giving it extra protection from body oils, dead skin cells and general wear-and-tear. 

You can easily add layers and luxury to your bed with new matching sheet and quilt cover sets. Starting fresh will have your bed feeling new again.

Choose a colour scheme

A great way to add a bit of luxury to your bedroom is with some colour. While most hotels will opt for neutral colours, such as white and cream, you have more freedom when it comes to your bed. 

You can change your colour scheme to go with the seasons, such as mauve for autumn, dark blue for winter, and pink for spring. Or, throw seasonal schemes to the wayside and go with your favourite colour to help create a space you know you’ll love.

European pillows

As well as multiple layers of bed sheets and blankets, luxury hotels also feature an endless supply of pillows on their beds.

Along with rectangular pillows for sleeping, most hotels will add a couple of European pillows to their beds, for both symmetry and extra comfort. European pillows are good for providing back support while you sit up in bed, while also cushioning your joints with added support. Plus – the definitely look fancy! 

Add cushions

While European pillows provide a function, cushions on top of the pillows add flair, character and luxurious touch to your bed.

Varying cushions by texture, colour, or different shapes and sizes will make them stand out. They can be easily replaced when needed, especially if you want to change your colour scheme with each season.

Throw a throw blanket on it for a finishing touch

A throw blanket is the perfect finishing touch to give your bed a luxurious vibe. Throw blankets come in various sizes and can be used in multiple places around your home.  They serve the purpose of making your bed more inviting and cosy, which is especially important during the winter months.

Just like your bed linen and cushions, you can change out your throw blankets with the changing seasons, opting for a lighter, breathable material for warmer months and textured material for cooler months. You can also easily match a throw blanket with your bed linen colour scheme, or choose a colour that both complements and contrasts your theme to make it stand out.

Bonus tip – style your nightstand as well as your bed

As the closest piece of furniture next to your bed, it’s worth taking your nightstand into consideration when styling.

You can easily style your nightstand to match your bed linen by placing items on it, like a lamp or alarm clock in matching or contrasting colour. Alternatively, you could put a small vase with flowers on it to give the room a bit of life and provide a relaxing scent to help you easily get to sleep.

Bringing a little luxury into your bedroom doesn’t need to be tricky! By following these tips, you can easily make your bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel suite, taking you for a night away from your busy life in the comfort of your own home. 

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