What about innovating your home? Or, rather, automating it? For many people, this idea would sound good if it were not connected with so many expenses. Automation means for the majority of people installing automated TV lifts, racks, shelves, getting a standing desk, etc. And indeed, it is the case. However, it is not as expensive as you might believe if you do some of the mentioned automation projects on your own.

So, let us start with the nice tech stock for your home and how you can build it on your own.

A Standing Desk Is in Trend Now

If you work remotely, we recommend starting your rearrangement with a standing desk. After you complete your desk, you will see the results immediately. It will significantly improve your physical condition, will positively impact your mind and will boost your motivation to work.

If you believe that you cannot invest in this item right now but you definitely want to have it, build it. All you need is a lifting frame. It can be purchased from a reliable manufacturer. You can either order a desk top or use an old one. Fix the desk top to the frame, and enjoy.

Kitchen Automation Increases the Kitchen Functionality

Now, it is the turn of your kitchen. Along with common appliances, you might want some automated items there, too. 

So, if you have been dreaming about purchasing a nice food processor, or a new coffee machine, or whatever, but there is no space in your kitchen, you can consider a lift column with a platform where you can fix the appliance. 

Just get a lift column from a company that produces linear actuators, install it in one of your kitchen cabinets, on top of it, fix a platform. Now, on the platform, you can install any device you want. The column will lift it when you need to use it, and hide it in the cabinet when the device isn’t required anymore. This application will enable you to get all the devices you have ever wanted and keep your kitchen space unclogged.

Another useful appliance is an automated kitchen rack. It helps you to keep your kitchen neatly organized, and to have all those smaller items like kitchen utensils, spices, etc. by hand. 

Your Bedroom Offers a Lot of Space to Store Things

For those who suffer from the lack of storage space, you can arrange a big storage space under your bedroom. To do so, you need two linear actuators powerful enough to lift the frame. 

Install the actuators in a way that they keep the bed frame in its initial position when they are in a retracted position. In an extended position, they shall lift the frame in order to enable you use the storage space that opens beneath your bed. Yes, the stroke length shall be enough for you to be able to use the storage space comfortably. And yes, the lifting power shall be sufficient to keep the bed frame.

Do not worry though that the frame might crash on you if actuators get damaged or electricity is off. Modern actuators have a so-called locking function. They get locked if something happens, therefore, they won’t crash onto you. 

Solar Energy Helps to Economize and Is Eco-Friendly

If you have considered installing solar panels to cover at least a part of your electricity needs, it is time to do so. The statistics show that even if you use a solar panel for heating water only, you already save a lot of money. Needless to mention light bulbs, heating, and other needs. However, even if you can replace even a small fraction of electricity that you use by solar power, it will already be an advancement.

If you are worried that there is simply not enough light in your location for a solar panel to be efficient, install a solar tracker. Buy a sensor and fix the panel on a linear actuator. The sensor will detect the light source, and the actuator will be moving the panel in order to catch as much energy as possible. And of course, you’d need a generator if you are planning on using the energy of the sun during the night.

Bottom Line

Automation of your home isn’t something unreal or excessively expensive if you approach this matter wisely. Check online what else you can automate. Some projects might be implemented on your own while for others, you’d need to hire a specialist. But they all pay off rather fast by offering you comfort, saving funds, and by positively influencing your health and emotional condition.

Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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