What does “UFO” mean in terms of LED lights?

A UFO LED high bay light is a disc-shaped LED luminaire system with a flat integral aluminum housing and optics designed to optimize light distribution over a given area without the use of bulky reflectors.

The amazing advancement of the warehouse light or high ceiling light is the UFO LED High Bay Light. These little lights are small and compact, but they pack a lot of new LED technology and a lot of high-quality light output. There will be no more massive metal halides or high-pressure sodium lighting. UFO LED High Bay Lighting is now available in a modern, cool design. These are cool lights for retail, restaurants, and other fun open areas, in addition to warehouses.

What helps to distinguish a UFO LED High Bay Light from others?

Compared to HID fixtures, a UFO High Bay Light has the following advantages:

Temperature Heat Dissipation: This fixture has a large heat sink dissipation with aluminum fins, which increases the fixture’s durability, improves its operating performance, and keeps it cool. The fixture’s housing is made of aluminum, which is a good heat-dissipating material.

High Color Index and Found to Correlate with Color Temperature: The color temperature specifies the color of the lighting output: 4000K Natural White Light and 5700K Day White Light. Although CRI determines the clarity and quality of light, it is greater than 80, which aids in better object viewing.

This rating indicates that the fixture can withstand heavy dust, water, insects, and extreme weather conditions.

What are the benefits of this fixture in the commercial and industrial sectors?

Before purchasing a UFO LED High Bay Light, you should understand how the fixture will benefit commercial and industrial applications.

  • Simple to Install: When you purchase a UFO High Bay Fixture, you will receive an installation instruction guide that details the process step-by-step. If you know how to wire, the fixture is simple to install; otherwise, you can hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Broad Beam Angle: The fixture has a broad beam angle that illuminates a large portion of your commercial or industrial space. A 120-degree beam angle is sufficient to illuminate a larger area with high lumen output lighting.
  • Physical aspect: What could be better than being able to change the brightness of your lighting? This fixture allows you to customize the light to meet your needs. You can lower your energy use by dimming the light from 10V to 1V.
  • Reduced Maintenance: If you use HID lighting on a regular basis, you are probably aware of the high maintenance costs. This fixture has a low maintenance cost until it reaches the end of its 50,000-year lifespan.
  • Quality LED Chip: The LED cob chips are the fixture’s most crucial component. This fixture was created with Epistar LED cob chips, which provide a sharp and bright light on the surface.

Lepro best UFO LED high bay light 240w

Are you having trouble finding the right lighting for your large industrial or commercial space? Finding the ideal lighting fixture and making the proper purchase takes a lot of time and effort. Lepro offers certified UFO LED High Bay Lights that meet your needs while saving you energy and money on your lighting expenditures. The following are the features of the Lepro Best UFO LED high bay light 240w.

  • 240W LED High Bay Light-The high bay led light at 5000K offers 34,800 lumens and has a lumen density of up to 145 lumens per watt. Replace up to 1000 watt metal halide lamps to save up to 90percent on your electric cost up to $1,000. The 0-10V dimming design, which is superior to 1-10V, allows you to control the brightness while saving money. Ideal for industrial or commercial lighting applications!
  • Long-Lasting High-Bay LED Shop Light: Made of an industrial-grade heavy-duty aluminum casing for added durability and protection against damage. The thermal transfer from a hollow aluminum heat sink is excellent, extending component life. With high-quality SMD3030 LED chips and an energy-efficient LED driver that has passed the 6KV high voltage surge test, this LED high bay light has a 50,000-hour lifespan.
  • Simple Installation: The LED high bay light takes only 3 minutes to install with the O-hook, safety rope, and 5-foot power line, saving you time and energy for other jobs!
  • Wide Application: The UL and DCL certified led high bay light has an IP65 waterproof and dust-proof design, making it ideal for warehouses, factories, workshops, garages, exhibition halls, supermarkets, gyms, train/subway/toll stations, shopping malls, and logistic centers, among other places. AC 100V to 277V input voltage.
  • The contractor’s best option 5-Year Guarantee – The led high bay light comes with a 5-year warranty, and the UL and DLC certifications ensure energy rebates and low maintenance.

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