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Your backyard can be a place of solace where you, your friends, and your family relax and unwind throughout the summer. It can provide that little bit of contact with nature that so many of us are so desperately in need of, and if you tend to it yourself, it can help keep you active and healthy. This being said, a backyard can also be a major headache, especially if you find it unappealing when you’re out there. The following will explore a few helpful tips that can help make your backyard look gorgeous all summer long.

Address Drainage Issues

While at first, drainage doesn’t seem like it has a big impact on the look of your yard, upon closer inspection, it is integral. Poor drainage can result in wilting, parched plants that refuse to thrive no matter how much attention you give them. It can also create pools or waterlogged roots, which lead to plant diseases. If there are patches of your backyard that are far dryer than other parts of the property, this could mean drainage is your issue. Make any changes required to maintain good drainage and do this before any other steps as, quite often, this requires digging, and you don’t want to put a whole bunch of energy into your yard only to tear it up to solve drainage problems.

Study What’s Native

One of the best gardening hacks is to learn about what plants are native to your area and focus on those as you select foliage. Native plants are far easier to maintain as they’ve evolved to thrive in the environment and climate that you live in, but they’re also much better for the ecosystem in your neighborhood at large. In particular, native plants are helping with the bee crisis. Low-maintenance choices can help ensure that you adore your backyard, as when you take a stroll outback, you’re not immediately bombarded with a list of things that needs to be done.

Think About What You Want To Attract

Plants are part of a larger system; they interact with and influence all sorts of critters. Taking a moment to think about what sort of animals you want to attract can help you narrow your plant choices down. Popular options include plants that attract butterflies or hummingbirds. You might also want to think about what sort of critters you don’t want to be dealing with and make choices around that. For instance, standing water is a mosquito’s dream, and this means birdbaths or other small ponds that don’t circulate water can create a buggy environment. 

Consider Soil Biology

Your soil and what’s in it can have a major impact on how healthy your backyard is. Consider using a self-testing kit to see if there’s anything that your yard needs desperately. Fertilizer might be needed if your soil has been drained or is lacking in essential nutrients; garden lovers from have compiled a few lists regarding fertilizer for different plants if you’re not sure where to start. It’s always a good idea to start small with changes, adding a little bit at a time and waiting for your plant’s reactions before adding more. Plants, just like people, don’t like too much change too quickly.

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Do It Yourself

While you can hire help to get your backyard looking pristine and lively, studies are showing that gardening has some pretty stellar benefits. Foremost, it helps fight stress which in turn assists with a wide variety of things, including your health, relationships, and work performance. Beyond this, caring for your own backyard can create a bond between you and the land, which can drastically improve your enjoyment of being in the space.

Mulch Is Your Friend

Anywhere that you have soil exposed (like surrounding hedges, trees, or flowers), you want to apply mulch. Mulch protects soil from baking and overdrying as there’s a layer of shade protecting the surface. If soil is left open to the sun, it’s really easy for the soil to get too hot or too dry for plants. Mulch also helps reduce soil loss from things like wind, watering, and rain because it’s heavy enough to hold soil in place. 

The above tips should help you improve the look of your backyard this summer, as well as help you get more enjoyment out of the space. Gardening can seem daunting at first, but once you dive in and get your hands a little dirty, you’ll begin to find your rhythm with it.

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