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As the season of summer quickly approaches, temperatures are beginning to rise. Eventually, we will need to rely on our air conditioning to keep us comfortable during those hot days. Trying to live through a hot summer without an AC of some kind is not a fun time, and can lead to a lot of sweaty and uncomfortable days.

But in order to use your AC and gain all the benefits it provides, you need to make sure you maintain it and ensure it is working as expected. Without any further do, let’s go over how to keep your air conditioner maintained and make sure it stays in working condition.

Get it Professionally Serviced

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Likely the best thing you can do for your AC unit to ensure it works as perfectly as possible is to call in a professional like Metro PHA air conditioning services. Having a reputable and trustworthy company inspect and maintain your air conditioner ensures it works well for as long as possible.

They can identify and fix small problems before they become major, and can check all aspects of your system to make sure it is working as it should. In general, consider having your air conditioner serviced and inspected at least once a year.

Change Out the Filter

Another thing that you can do yourself in between visits from a professional to keep your air conditioner in good shape is to change your air filter. Your air filter helps keep dirt, dust, and other debris from entering your system, and can often help improve the quality of your indoor air, too.

But over time, these filters get clogged up and can actually hurt the effectiveness of your AC. It will need to pump air harder and faster to get it through the clogged filter, which can lead to faster deterioration of the system, and higher bills every month.

If you regularly change the filter, you can ensure your system stays clean, and you don’t accidentally overwork your system. In general, many air filters today should be changed out every three months, though some do need to be changed out monthly.

Keep Your Vents and Registers Unobstructed

In order for your air conditioning system to work (if you have central air), you need to keep your vents and registers clear. These are how your system pushes cool air throughout your home to keep you comfortable, no matter where you are.

You need to ensure all vent covers are open, and are not being blocked by anything such as furniture over vents, piles of clothing, or boxes/decor. If they are blocked, cold air won’t be able to access the rooms properly, and the system will need to work harder to push enough cold air through.

In conclusion, keeping these tips in mind can ensure that you keep your AC working well and in great condition. As long as you keep it maintained annually and do all you can yourself to keep it in good shape, your air conditioner should easily last a decade or more.

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