Classy-cool teenager bedroom design ideas to reflect personality fi

The fact that your kids move from childhood into their teenage years, you might find they need a bedroom which is more suitable for their age. Here are some teenage bedroom designs that you can copy.

Classy-cool teenager bedroom design ideas to reflect personality 1

Teen Love Nature Design

Teen love nature design Classy-Cool Teenager Bedroom Design Ideas To Reflect Personality


For the first design idea, let us go to the budget-friendly one. This teen bedroom is not only budget-friendly because of its string lights and a print poster hanger, but also has minimal boho touch that is perfect for teens who love nature design. Then, this natural design has a soothing color palette to promote relaxation. Meanwhile, the patterned rug there helps enliven the space and gives a youthful flair.

Athletic Teen Bedroom

Athletic teen bedroom Classy-Cool Teenager Bedroom Design Ideas To Reflect Personality


This bedroom design is great for teenagers who want to be an athlete or love to have an athletic vibe by presenting athlete wall art above the bed. On the other hand, the bed, nightstand, desk, and light fixture of this room have a very mid-century modern vibe which will beautifully age as a teenager does.  The theme and the decor items like a rug, wall art, and the room tone are so cohesive to create an athletic bedroom, swimming or diving specifically.

Bohemian Teens Bedroom

A bohemian teen bedroom is a great way with an eclectic mix of colors, materials, and textures. Meanwhile, the bed has a more traditional style, the nightstand looks glam, and the iconic Papasan chair looks very boho. Then, the eclectic mix of styles in this room makes for a fun adventure in putting the room together. Next, using shelving in your teen’s bedroom, whether they’re built-in or freestanding, offers a sweet place for adding good personal touches.

Forever Fashion Teen Bedroom

Are you looking for a feminine flair teen bedroom? So here is it. It is a teen bedroom that features a classic design with a feminine touch. This room has a very glam vibe with its sheepskin rug, white furniture, plush bedding, fuzzy pillows, and stool. After that, the tufted headboard of the bed helps to elevate the bedroom look for more polished. Then, the neutral color palette is showing super classy taste but the pops of gold throughout warm up the design.

Best Hosting Friends Teen Bedroom

A teen bedroom must be cool especially great for hosting friends. You can achieve the top feeling of enjoying the teen bedroom by arranging the pillows along the length of the bed and the bed doubles as a lounge space that is good for reading, spreading out, or having friends.  After that, do not forget to have hidden storage under the bed to keep tidy with a handful of baskets. Next, the wall-mounted bookcase and desk are also a great idea to give teenagers a great spot for studying or working on hobbies. Last, the color combination and bold accent wall of the room are great to offer a pop of personality.

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