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Basements can quickly become a catch-all for things you want to keep out of sight. Most people store anything and everything there, from tools to crafts, toys, and more. Rummaging through all the items to find something specific could be a gigantic task!

Getting lost in the sea of clutter is certainly reason enough to start thinking of options to get it organized. When looking at the basement with all the items strewn or stacked, it may be hard to imagine there’s a way to make it all functional.

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However, a few tips and tricks to clear up more space in your basement could bring some relief from the burden of climbing the cluttered mountain:

1. Donate Unused Goods

Many homes will have a relatively large pile of items that we store for ‘a rainy day,’ for the ‘what ifs,’ or ‘just in case.’ Holding onto these takes up much-needed space for things that the family can use daily.

The best way to get these items out of the way is to sort through every single one and create two piles at first. One heap should be for things the family needs to hold onto, while the other pile could be for giving away or donating.

When having trouble deciding what to keep and what to donate, ask this question: Have we used this item in the past year? Move items answered yes to, to keep. If the answer is no, add it to the pile of goods for donating.

A few organizations, shelters, homes, and even friends would love to receive the gift of preloved goods. Plus, donating to someone who deserves it makes us feel good inside. One can donate baby items to a home that cares for abandoned children, give valuable items like clothing to a homeless shelter, or drop off unused books at the library or nearby school.

2. Install Storage Options

Storage options are essential for any basement. Without them, the basement will remain in the same condition. To find a solution for the basement, consider the available space and the items to go back into the room.

Some basements with a space under the stairs will have the perfect corner for crafts or other hobbies, but they’ll need shelving, a workbench, and drawers. If kids use the space as a play area, add plastic containers on wheels to put their toys in and move them around to where they can be neatly stored.

Cupboards, floating shelves, and hanging storage options like pegboards are excellent ways to store goods the family will need to use.

3. Section Off The Basement

Another brilliant way to create more space is to have specific basement sections mapped out. Dividing the basement into different parts will ensure each of them has a particular purpose and that everything for that part remains together.

Mom may need a nook for washing, the kids a safe area to play in, and Dad a cozy spot to work from home. Whatever the family’s needs are, incorporate them into the map of the space. Remodel each space into one that has enough room for everything and more.

4. Get Creative And Upcycle

Upcycling is a great way of reusing items that would otherwise have found their way to the dump. Although the ultimate goal is to get rid of unwanted items, it would help save Mother Nature by reusing rather than disposing of them.

Old PVC pipes can double as pigeon holes to store documents or smaller items like office and craft supplies. Cut them into the desired length, add them to the wall, or stack them together and glue them with hot glue to make a table pencil holder or other custom designs.

5. Use A Three-Dimensional View

Basements have walls, floors, and ceilings, so utilize them to create more room. Think of each surface as a blank canvas, and imagine all the possibilities they hold for improving the room’s storage.

You could hang platform storage, hooks for hanging tools, or outdoor equipment like bicycles from the ceiling. There can be shelves, smaller hanging cupboards or cubbies, and hanging space for smaller items like hand tools on the walls. Floor surfaces can house various crates, plastic containers, or boxes that are too heavy for storing elsewhere.

6. Set Aside And Label

Now that you’ve done the heavy lifting and everything seems to be in its place, it’s easy to think the job is complete, but it’s far from it. A lot of time and hard work went into organizing the space, so everyone in your household should remember to put in the same effort to keep it that way.

Keeping a tidy space needs some help from a labeler or marking pen to ensure everything has its place and everything is in its place. This step is crucial to future tidiness with all the effort to organize the area. Make it easy for the adults and children of the home to find the right spot for their things. 

Do a regular sweep of the area to see how everyone keeps the room clutter-free. If things are out of place, call the family members and discuss its importance. After all, everyone needs room to enjoy their favorite activities.

Boxing It All In

A basement can be a deep, dark cave of chaos, or it could be a bright, open, inviting area that everyone wants to spend time in daily. Every household needs a room that meets the needs of all the people who live there. So, why not make the basement this space?

Clearing up space sometimes involves giving away sentimental goods, but think of all the joy this small act of kindness would bring to the recipients and your family as they get a brand new, livable basement.

No matter what you transform the basement into, look to each nook and cranny for a storage solution and plan the space well by dividing it. Get everyone in the home to pitch in and make light work of a heavy load. When the whole household is involved in clearing out the space, they would be more inclined to help keep it that way for a long time to come. 

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