Home renovations not only fix up and beautify a home. They also add more value to it when homeowners decide to sell. However, they can be costly. Worse, some renovations fail to pay for themselves.

But this doesn’t mean owners need to save up a ton of money before deciding to revamp their homes. There are many home renovation projects they can DIY, saving them on labor costs and boosting sweat equity for their property.

Interior Upgrades

Refresh the wall paint

Houses easily reveal their age through the walls. Scratches, dirt, and cracks make a home look old, dingy, and outdated. To improve a home’s value, homeowners can start by repainting them or installing new wallpaper.

When choosing paint or wallpaper, it’s best to opt for a modern look. Neutral palettes make the space look more prominent and appealing to potential buyers in the future. Decorating won’t be a problem, adding brass flintlock pistol replicas, antique ceramic vases or even acrylic contemporary paintings will be fine. Basically, neutral palettes work well with any aesthetic.

Spruce up your windows

Vertical blinds and paper shades are so last decade. Keeping them won’t add more value to a home—and might even turn off potential buyers.

One way of transforming a space is to replace old shutters with new ones. Consider replacing them with wooden blinds or neutral-toned drapes. There’s no harm in choosing bright colors, too, especially if it meshes with the entire interior palette.  

Clean up the fireplace

Leaving soot to settle in the fireplace does not only build up stains and make it look unattractive. It can also damage the fireplace over time. While many restoration companies deal with soot damage, homeowners can prevent hiring one in the first place. The key is to clean up the fireplace constantly.

Cleaning it is as simple as wiping away the soot with a damp rag and brushing it off with a stiff brush.

Exterior Upgrades

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Get a new front door 

The front door is the first thing guests see before entering one’s house, so it’s only fitting to consider revamping it.

Old creaky doors that don’t boost a house’s appeal can go. Instead, get one that shows more character and will instantly brighten up the property. Aside from choosing the right door, homeowners may consider getting a locksmith tool kit, especially if they’re the type who often lose their keys.

Doors don’t come cheap. Those on a budget may consider applying a fresh coat of paint instead to enhance it.  

Power wash the exterior

Grime, stains, and bird droppings only make a home’s façade unappealing. Homeowners can get rid of them through power washing.

Like a fresh coat of paint, a good power washing can amp a home’s exterior in no time. Most people are surprised to see how dirty their exterior walls have been all this time. They may also consider cleaning up the patio, driveway, and walkways outside the home.

Invest time on landscaping

An incredible landscape can draw positive attention to a home. It also contributes to a property’s appeal. Having lush greenery instantly livens up a home’s exterior, so it’s best to grow the right flowers and plants across it.

There are plenty of considerations when it comes to landscaping. But those who want to get the most bang for their buck often choose perennial plants that live year after year. Otherwise, they’ll need to replace the landscape regularly.

Bathroom Upgrades

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Replace fixtures

It’s time to replace outdated and generic fixtures. Even the small act of installing newer, more stylish ones can bring back a bathroom’s sparkle.

Some of the bathroom fixtures homeowners can easily replace are as follows:

  • Ceiling light fixture
  • Cabinet handles and knobs
  • Showerhead 
  • Towel bars
  • Sink faucet

Redo the flooring

Changing the bathroom tiles can involve labor costs, but it can be easily DIY-ed.

First off, it’s important to choose the right tile for the bathroom. There are several things to consider:

  • The size of the tiles — how big or small should they be?
  • The color palette — do dark or light tiles suit the bathroom?
  • How easy is it to clean — does it require a lot of scrubbing?

Kitchen Upgrades

Update kitchen cabinets

Homeowners can consider buying and installing new cabinets themselves. But often, doing so costs more money and work.

Instead, they can consider painting their existing cabinets. Bright colors add character to the kitchen, but sticking to white is also a smart move. White never goes out of style and will be easy to paint over in the future.

Install a new backsplash

A new backsplash gives the impression of a major renovation—which is what we’re going for.

A great affordable DIY option is to install peel-and-stick tiles. They don’t require expensive tools and aren’t complicated to install. Plus, there are a lot of styles to choose from that can match the aesthetic of one’s kitchen.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Started

Even the smallest things can make a massive difference to the look of a home. Exert a little effort and a whole lot of love to it, and it will be an excellent investment in return. 

Sarah Miller is a senior staff writer and a community relations officer at Medieval Collectibles. She’s also a home decor enthusiast and an avid cosplayer who does DIY costume making. Her favorite periods to delve into are the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

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