One of the best ways to spend a breezy summer afternoon is lounging outside with friends and family. 

With this double glider swing you can do exactly that! Invite your favorite people over and spend the day soaking up the sun or relaxing under the shade of a canopy. 


What is the Wooden Double Swing Set Glider? 

This product is a beautifully crafted double glider swing set, featuring two face-to-face benches, covered by an overhead canopy to create the ultimate lounge area in your backyard or porch. 

Constructed with high-quality materials that are not only beautiful but durable, this timeless piece makes a perfect addition to any home. 

This swing set has one of the highest weight capacities available and allows for hours of face-to-face time with close friends and family. 

Detailed instructions make assembly easy, and an excellent customer service team is there to assist you however you need along the way. 

6 Most Common Reasons People Love This Double Facing Glider Swing

This outdoor piece of furniture is well-loved by customers for many reasons, from the sturdy structure to the easy care and maintenance to creating a peaceful retreat within your home. 

Here are some of the top reasons why this item will make such a great addition to your house.

Reason #1 – Perfect for Backyard Relaxation

Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends or just spend some time relaxing on a sunny day, this luxurious double swing set glider is the perfect choice in bringing tranquility to your backyard. 

The easily removable canopy provides versatility in use, making it simple to keep yourself shaded or bask in the sunlight. The enchanting double lawn glider swing requires little effort to move back and forth, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy the soothing motion of swinging through the breeze. 

The double facing swing glider is the perfect place to use as a peaceful retreat.

Reason #2 – High Weight Capacity

While most swing sets can only seat 2 people, this double glider porch swing can seat up to 4 adults comfortably and can support weight up to 1,400 lbs! 

This makes the outdoor double glider an ideal place to sit with two or three of your favorite friends or to cuddle up with your family. 

Unlike swing sets with lower weight capacities, you can put your feet up and rest easy knowing that your swing is sturdy and able to support you and your loved ones while you spend quality time together.

Reason #3 – Customer Service 

Moon Valley Rustics is known for their excellent customer service. Being a family-owned and operated business since the company was founded in 1928, they take pride in providing both materials and craftsmanship that are high-quality.  

Their uniquely designed furniture is typically hand crafted and manufactured within their own company, and their customer service representatives are knowledgeable about each product. 

When buying from Moon Valley Rustics, you can feel confident in the company and trust that they will have the answer to any of your questions and be there to assist you in any way you need. 

Reason #4 – Perfect Atmosphere for Face-to-Face Conversations

One of the most distinguishing features of this double swing set is the face-to-face benches. 

This amazing design creates an intimate space, ideal for spending hours relaxing with your friends or family in the spring and summer time. 

Distinct from other swing sets, these face-to-face benches create a warm and comfortable environment and makes this piece a wonderful investment where you can create lasting memories with the people you love. 

The wooden base also allows everyone to stretch their legs and relax, while still providing plenty of room during face-to-face conversations. 

Reason #5 – High-Quality Materials

This gorgeous double glider swing with canopy is available unfinished or varnished. 

It’s made from white cedar, a superior choice in wood due to its durability and its natural resistance to damage from both insects and weather. 

Varnished pieces have a rich amber stain applied in a uniform consistency and is then coated with a high gloss varnish specially formulated for outdoor use and weather resistance. 

The canopy is made from WeatherMax80 outdoor performance fabric, which is well-known for its high strength, excellent breathability, ability to repel water, and its long-lasting color retention. 

This outdoor swing is assembled with high standard material that is made to last. 

Reason #6 – Detailed Maintenance and Assembly Instructions

While assembly is the responsibility of the customer, detailed instructions make assembly quick and easy for this double bench glider.

Instructions come with clear labels and steps, as well as pictures to ensure you are completing each step appropriately. A hands-on customer service team is there to provide extra support where needed. 

You will also receive thorough maintenance instructions that will teach you how to provide proper care to each piece of this swing set, as well as during the fall and winter seasons when you may experience harsher weather. 

Providing proper care to this piece is easy and will allow you to keep this wonderful swing set around for many years. 

Where to Get Wooden Double Glider Swing Set


This wooden double glider swing is a great choice to buy for your family to sit, relax, and enjoy. 

It is available to purchase now on Outdoors Rocking Chair website, offered in unfinished wood or stained and varnished. 

The canopy, sold separately, is a wonderful addition to this piece and comes in 6 vibrant colors to compliment any style. 

The company provides free shipping, and this glider swing set will be at your door in only 6 to 8 weeks. 

Final Words

If you are shopping for the perfect swing set to add to your backyard or garden, this Moon Valley swing set is a wonderful option. 

Made from long-lasting materials, this DIY double glider swing set creates a warm and cozy space for the whole family to relax and indulge in. 


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