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During the summer months, you are likely to be spending more time outside. With balmy summer evenings beckoning, why not add lighting to your garden so you can really make the most of your space? It’s time to light up the night!


Here are six ways to enhance the design of your garden by making a feature of lighting. 

Fairy Lights

Ever popular as a decoration for outdoor weddings and garden parties, strings of fairy lights are an easy way to brighten your garden after dark. Hang them around the exterior of your home or between trees to give the illusion of hundreds of twinkling fireflies. A delicate, romantic option with the bonus of affordability, whether you opt for solar power or electric this is undoubtedly the prettiest way to use lights in your garden.


Adding lanterns is a classic, classy option for those who love the traditional. Whether you choose to hang them high or place them at ground level, the effect will be sure to add to the overall look of your garden. The beauty of lanterns is that there are so many options available – there will be something for every taste.


Citronella candles have long been popular for outdoor use due to their insect-repellent qualities and tealights in jars light up the tables of many al-fresco dining establishments. The natural flicker of a flame gives a softer lighting experience whether you choose staked candles to line a pathway or pillar candles as a table centerpiece. 


For a larger scale natural lighting option, why not consider a firepit. As well as providing a glowing light, they have the added benefit of warmth and will bring back happy memories of campfires past. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows for s’mores or gathering with friends to share a bottle of wine, a firepit is a real focal point perfect for those who enjoy socialising in their garden.

If space is at a minimum, a chiminea is a perfect smaller scale alternative for a yard or terrace.

Feature Lighting

If you’re looking to make a bold statement it may be worth investing in feature lighting. The best option will depend on the exterior of your house and the landscaping of your garden. For a funky, contemporary look, consider coloured lights and shape, with orbs still a popular choice. For a more conservative option you could take inspiration from movies such as La La Land and Singing in the Rain and choose a lamppost – but we can’t promise it’ll make you dance like Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone or Gene Kelly!

Built-in Lighting

For a longer-term investment, consider built-in lighting. If you have a pool, adding underwater lighting can create a talking point. Up lighting under seating, planters or decks can also be effective, especially in a garden designed around crisp lines and sharp edges.

However you decide to update your lighting, enjoy spending more time in your outdoor space during the summer evenings.

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