The best 5 kitchen designs to look in 20222

The kitchen is the room that we will use the most, therefore it’s a must to design a kitchen as comfy as we want. Looking into many designs and ideas as our reference is a must in order to get the best design and ideas for our kitchen. And to add more for your reference and ideas, take a look at The Best 5 Kitchen Designs To Look In 2022.

The best 5 kitchen designs to look in 20221

1. One Accent Piece

The Best 5 Kitchen Designs To Look In 2022


The designer Andy Beers from Ore Studios successfully integrated the request from the customer to put the blue serve ware in her kitchen. The combination of wooden cabinets with blue serve ware is amazingly matched. Moreover, the red splash on the cabinet makes the air feel vibrant.

2. Cute Color

The Best 5 Kitchen Designs To Look In 2022


We love how the color on the floor is mixed with a blue hue. It looks cute and fun. Not only that, but Kevin Isbell also add a matching curtain for the kitchen windows and glass cabinets. this idea brings the word cuteness to the next level.

3. Put a Balance

Sometimes when we put too much design in one room, it looks messed up and bad. But Romanek Design Studio teaches us how to put a lot of design but keep the balance between each other. Look how the dark tiles on the wall with sleek backsplash and stainless steel combine into one but still looks perfect. Not only that, the wooden-brass color on the floor adds warmth to the kitchen. And finally, the bohemian rug makes the color looks fun and adorable.

4. Use Tile for the Hood

We loved how Heidi Caillier use tiles to camouflage the bulkiness in the kitchen with the same tiles in the backsplash. it makes the kitchen looks clean and sleek.

5. Going Black

Who says using black color in the kitchen makes it looks gloomy? Look how Nanette Brown uses glossy black subway tiles to design the kitchen. The tiles make the light bounce and create a comfy and cozy mood in the kitchen. Moreover, with these tiles, the kitchen becomes easier to be cleaned.

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