Small spaces may seem extremely compact and restricting, forcing you to make use of scarce wall space, but there are many benefits to small spaces that make them strong contenders for the best kind of spaces to live in. 

Whether you already live in a small space, or you’re considering moving into a smaller living space – we’re here to explain why small spaces are the best spaces, and how exactly you can style them to get the best from your space. 

Better organisation

When you live in a smaller space, there’s less room for the additional random items and furnishings that have a habit of gathering in your home – even if you don’t like or use them. Having less space for storing items may leave you no option but to get rid of those items you don’t need. Additionally, less space may mean less room for items, but it also means less room for mess, making it much easier for you to organise all your things than it would be to do so in a larger space.

Cleaning is easier

Since having less space means organising is easier, it also makes cleaning a lot simpler too! It is far easier to clean a room which is smaller and has fewer items in it, than it is to clean and maintain a space with much more area and items. What’s even better is that less cleaning gives you peace of mind, and takes some stress out of your weekly cleaning regime.

Better for the environment

In a world where we’re beginning to notice the huge impact our everyday actions have on the environment, and thus are committed to cutting the amount of energy we use around our homes, small spaces should be considered for lower energy consumption too. In smaller spaces, you consume less energy as you don’t require as much heating, cooling, and lighting. Less energy is required for heating and lighting up smaller spaces, and blinds can be even more effective since less sunlight is needed to light up the space. Therefore, you will have a lower carbon footprint than if we lived in a larger home. 

Lower costs

Smaller spaces have cheaper utility expenditures, such as heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, because keeping a smaller space cool or warm is far easier. Another benefit of a smaller space is the decreased cost of home or renter’s insurance. If that isn’t enough, smaller properties will typically have a much lower rent, which saves you some extra money to spend on other expenditures within your home.

Get creative with the easier decoration

Creativity is key when it comes to styling smaller spaces. You may have to make use of wall spaces for storage, and incorporate hanging decor, but you have plenty of freedom. If you’re not sure about a design style, remember that you can easily redecorate if you change your mind, as the space is much smaller and simpler to make any changes to. Opt for a minimalist look with box section table legs or a traditional personalised look with picture frames. Style your small space so that the design and functionality suit you and your demands – there’s plenty to do in such a small space.

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