If you’re fortunate enough to have an outdoor space, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of garden lighting. When utilised creatively and correctly, it can be a stunning solution that boosts ambience and drives inspiration. In addition, considering 595,000 garden thefts occurred in the UK in 2019, good lighting can also enhance the security of your home.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to figure this out alone! We’ve put together 7 thoughtful ideas that will help you achieve a pleasing effect using the power of good garden lighting. 

1. Position lighting near water

Does your garden boast an idyllic pond or trendy swimming pool? To create a magical vibe, we recommend positioning some lighting (safely) near the water’s edge. When night falls, the soft light reflecting off the water will create a magnificent view not short of awe-inspiring. 

2. Hang lights over the outdoor dining area

An outdoor dining area should be enjoyed during both the day and night, so good lighting is crucial to make this happen. If you’ve got some table and chairs sheltered by a roof, why not add some hanging lights above the dining area?  We recommend sourcing one with a built-in heater to keep you warm on those chilly evenings.

3. Light up the path

Your garden path will need illuminating when night falls, so it may be a good idea to source a selection of post lights to position on either side. When the moon takes the sun’s place and darkness is all around, this particular lighting will kick in as both a practical and visually pleasing solution. 

4. Hang fairy lights around the perimeter

You can never go wrong with fairy lights! Not only is this idea a cost-effective way to transform your garden, but it’s also a really simple task to hang them around the perimeter of your garden using your wall or fence.

5. Illuminate tree trunks

Having trees in your garden is a visually pleasing aesthetic in itself, so imagine the beauty that you can create by wrapping outdoor lights around the tree trunks? Visual height and illumination will soften what can otherwise be a dark and harsh part of your garden in the night time, turning your garden into a magical haven.

6. Light up the stairs

If you have stairs in your garden, it’s important that you have proper lighting above or near to prevent any accidents or trips in the dark. Practicality is important, but you don’t have to compromise on style to achieve this! Steps can be illuminated from above, below or from the side using stunning recessed lights.

7. Create a focal point with shaped lighting

Impress your guests and get them talking by decorating your garden with shaped lighting. Stars, spirals, and circles are all viable options that will help illuminate your garden in a pragmatic yet fashionable way. We can guarantee that your next summer evening BBQ will go down a treat with this visually pleasing aesthetic! 

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