Laundry is not an energy-saver chore when not done correctly. The washer and dryer account for a significant portion of your major appliances at home. If seeing your energy consumption and the bill makes you gasp and realize you should reduce your energy consumption, we will tell you how to reduce it!

Doing laundry at the nearest laundry service may help you reduce your utility bills. But, if you only rely on app for laundry in new york during busy schedules, then practicing ways to reduce energy consumption in the laundry room is a must for you.

The Department of Energy recommends the following:

Upgrade to Energy-Star Rated Washers and Dryers

Have you noticed your nearest laundry service has these washers and dryers? It helps reduce their utility bills. Thus, if you are now doing laundry at home, it is time to purchase or upgrade your washers and dryers to energy-star rated ones.


Energy-star rated washers and dryers reduce energy consumption. It uses 20% lesser than the older models of washers and dryers.

Wash Clothes Less Frequent

Some of us may be fond of washing clothes every after use. Well, this may be appropriate for single-use clothes. However, some garments do not need frequent trips to the laundry room.


Jackets and jeans are examples that do not need to be washed every after wear. If there are no visible signs of stains and dirt, and it does not smell bad, it is suitable for a couple of wears. Give your clothes a closer look, do a sniff test, and wear them again.

Use Cold Water When Washing

You do not have to use warm water at all times, and other garments shrink with warm water. It is best to cut the energy load and maintain the clothes’ condition with cold water. You can still have clean laundry by using a cold-water laundry detergent.

It is time to switch your water usage and laundry detergent.

Air Dry Clothes As Much As Possible

Not having a dryer or not using it at all is the best way to reduce energy consumption. You can air-dry your clothes for a couple of hours and still have your clothes dried efficiently. Just make sure that your clothes are not dried under the scorching heat of the sun as it may damage the fabrics.

But, if you have a dryer at home, you have to plan out the air travel to ensure it is energy-efficient.

Place Dryer Closer to Outside Wall

You have to be conscious of the heat and moisture energy exchange inside your home. If there is an air to air heat and moisture exchange in the laundry room, it helps save your energy by recycling the energy used to heat or cool the house in the first place.

If the dryer is far from the outside, the more the dryer needs energy for every cycle. Place the machine and its exhaust port near an outside wall to make the dryer much more efficient.

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