Summer is just around the corner, which means many of us are frantically trying get our gardens in order ahead of all the BBQs and games days to come. Despite this, garden ornaments can be so expensive, leading many homeowners to believe that there’s a lot to be desired when it comes to the level of embellishment their gardens have. With this being said, it’s not always necessary to splash out on pricey garden ornaments, and there are many homemade creations that you can incorporate into your garden. Not only is this a much more affordable solution, but it’s also incredibly unique. Read on for some fun ideas for decorating your garden this summer. 

Don’t Neglect the Lawn

Before we move onto the fun part, we must first address the nitty gritty. Although lawn care can be the most tedious element of gardening, it’s arguably the most important when the lawn takes up the majority of your space. Whether you mow and seed your lawn or opt for artificial lawn installation, a well-kempt lawn is imperative. All the beautiful garden decorations in the world won’t be able to mask an overgrown lawn, so make sure you get the lawn maintenance out the way before you embark on your creative journey. 

Spoon Art

Bending spoons into shapes is a unique and affordable way of creating garden décor. One design you may opt for is a person fishing. I’m sure you can imagine how a spoon can represent a person, all you have to do is craft some arms and a fishing rod out of something and hang a little string with a hook from the rod. Following this, you can create the fish by removing the handles from the spoons. These fish could then hang from a piece of wood that the spoon person is fishing over. This will leave you with a beautifully unique hanging ornament!

Light-Up Watering Can

Do you have an old watering can lying around that’s doing nothing more than collecting dust? Why not utilize it by hanging it above a flowerbed? However, instead of water, you can thread fairy lights through the watering can sprinkler, creating the illusion that light is being poured over the flowers. This is the perfect idea for summer nights, where it’s not quite dark enough for big flood lights, yet the sun is starting to set. Your garden will have a mystical, fairy-like quality with a delicate decoration such as this. 

Hanging Bottles

Creating garden decorations is a great way to reuse and recycle items that would otherwise go in the bin. For instance, your first instinct is to throw empty wine bottles in the bin, but have you ever considered filling them with flowers and hanging them from your tree? Plenty of wine bottles have a green tinge, which looks absolutely stunning in a garden setting, especially when placed against the vibrant colors of various flowers. Furthermore, this creates a rustic scenery that gives your garden a cozy atmosphere, which is ultimately what you’re after if you’re looking to entertain guests. 

Painted Aluminum Cans

Last but not least, you can reuse any old food cans by painting them vibrant colors and filling them with beautiful plants. Whether you hang these from the wall or place them on the ground, this is a great way to introduce a multitude of colors into the space. This is another way of incorporating a rustic ambiance into your garden, which will ultimately make any guests feel comfortable. The effortlessly stylish decoration results in a quirky and fun-filled setting that anyone would be delighted to experience. 

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