When people think of doing home renovations, it’s usually due to practical reasons. Maybe the family has outgrown the current space. It could also be that the kitchen is cramped and doesn’t have enough storage. The other reason could be that the bathroom fixtures are hopelessly outdated. 

You are completely justified if you’re thinking along those lines. But you should also know that your home can influence your health and quality of life. For example, copper wiring holds health benefits. Yes, you heard that right.

One of the benefits is that it has restorative effects on joint movements. Now let’s move forward and explain to you more about health benefits and renovation bonds.

Health Benefits of a Home Renovation

A lot of people have a thousand and one excuses as to why now isn’t the right time to renovate their homes. Home renovation experts have heard many reasons why people don’t feel ready to make their dreams a reality. 

You may be thinking of renovating your home but have excuses as to why this isn’t the right time. This article is for you.


1. Copper Bathtubs Are Antibacterial and Have a Restorative Effect

Bacteria only survive for a few hours on copper. This is unlike stainless steel materials where bacteria can survive for days. They even survive for longer periods on other kinds of bathtubs and kitchen surfaces.

Investing in a clawfoot copper tub is very necessary. That’s because it means that you won’t always need antibacterial and disinfectant products when cleaning it. This is due to the fact that bacteria can’t live on copper products for a long time as earlier mentioned. Thus, a copper tub is safer compared to tubs made from porcelain or stainless steel. 

Copper also has a restorative effect on connective tissue and joint movement. It helps to reduce inflammations related to sports injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, and rheumatism.

Your body absorbs small amounts of copper each time you touch your copper bathtub. Also, this isn’t like many anti-inflammatory drugs. With copper, you won’t get to experience any of the gastrointestinal side effects.

2. Renovations Improve Air Quality

Many older homes have poor ventilation and air circulation. This is especially so for homes that were built in humid areas. These homes also have mild mold and mildew issues that can lead to allergic reactions like:

  • A cough
  • Sinusitis
  • Red and tired eyes
  • Shortness of breath
  • A running or stuffy nose
  • Moisture issues can also worsen pre-existing health conditions like asthma.

A home renovation enables you to get rid of the old material and start afresh. This time by following the best construction practices that will boost the airflow. And, include the right moisture barriers. Additionally, replacing old windows will likely lower your cooling and heating bills. 

3. It Boosts Your Creativity and Mental Health

Creativity is the hallmark of strong emotional and mental health. In fact, scientists believe that learning something new slows signs of aging. It also has the ability to delay certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

A home renovation encourages a person’s pursuit by giving them a chance to design a physical space for their hobby. This can be a music studio, a woodworking shop, a sewing room, a gym, or something else. Renovation also permits you to establish the primacy of healthy habits. 

4. Reduced Stress Levels

Stress is something everyone suffers from now and then. A home renovation can start a chain reaction that gets rid of some stressful situations in your life. If, for instance, you start a bathroom renovation, it can reduce the amount of water you use. That’s if you’re dealing with water pipe fixtures. Using less water will lower your water bills.

If you have inadequate space, you can renovate your home by adding a side extension. You can also create an open plan kitchen, dining, or living room. This will provide more room to spend time with your family in the living room. They can also join you in the kitchen so that you prepare meals together. 

As people who value productivity, we tend to undervalue the importance of creating functional and orderly spaces. Yet this is key in providing us with a peaceful state of mind.

Renovations also give you a chance to rethink flow and improve storage. As a result, you get to reduce clutter and reduce stress. Organized spaces also help to increase your sense of peace.

5. A kitchen Renovation Improves Your Diet

Both diet and exercises play a role in boosting your health. In fact, experts say that about 80 percent of your weight loss is due to healthy eating habits. Exercises will only contribute to about 25 percent of your weight loss.

But eating out or eating while on the go has become the norm for many people with a busy lifestyle. Renovating your kitchen will create a beautiful and serene environment. This will make you excited to get in and prepare a meal. 

It will help you establish healthy routines that prioritize consistent and sit-down meals. Something as simple as having breakfast is healthier compared to snacking all morning.


6. A More Consistent Body Clock and Minimized Risks of Physical Injuries

Renovation plans can include changes like soundproofing the bedroom. This significantly reduces the amount of noise coming from outside. The minimization of such destructions helps to even your sleep cycle. 

Also, something like changing to heavier and sound dampening curtains will have a noticeable effect. This also applies to upgrades on your walls or ceiling. 

According to renovation experts, a big percentage of the projects they work on involve designing a home to make it safe for its occupants. Simple changes like non-slip surfaces will help in reducing accidents.

Changes on lever handles will reduce wrist pains. These kinds of changes are crucial. That’s because they can make the difference between an injury-free home and a trip to the hospital. 

Final Take Away

Restricted movements brought by the pandemic made us realize the importance of having a comfortable home. A safe place where you can feel good and complete.

The lockdowns caused people to consider renovating their homes to make them comfortable. If you had doubts about home renovation, these benefits should be convincing enough.

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