Bad plumbing problems are common in many homes. Some are too small to be noticed, and most homeowners take them for granted. These problems later turn into a nightmare and cost a lot of money to repair or cause other damage to the house. 

Some of the most common plumbing problems are leaking faucets and pipes, clogged drain systems, bath tabs, and faulty water heaters. These are repairable through DIY, but homeowners should hire experienced plumbers to deal with them. 

So, what is the need for a plumber if you can tighten a leaking faucet to stop the leak? Before repairing the problem, a plumber checks the root cause. The faucet could leak due to loose valves that need replacement, a problem you cannot identify. 

This article will tell you the signs you have plumbing problems and their solutions. 

Let us get started. 

Reasons for Plumbing Problems

Some causes of plumbing problems are unpreventable. For example, the leaking faucets could be due to aging or the quality of the faucet, and the clogs are caused by flushing big objects down the drainage system and oils and grease. 

However, other plumbing problems are due to improperly done work. For example, cheap plumbers are less experienced and might do a poor job when laying the pipes. 

The secret to perfect plumbing work is hiring experts. Get professional plumbers like the experienced team at Clover Services, who work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These experts offer quick responses so you won’t worry about water damage in your house. 

Signs of Bad Plumbing Jobs

Some plumbing problems are hard to identify, and you might not notice the signs until the issues cause great damages. However, if you inspect your home, you can see the plumbing problems and fix them before it is too late. Some of the signs of bad plumbing are:

1. Leaking Faucets

Some homeowners think it is okay for your faucet to leak, but failure to fix it could lead to a bigger problem. Faucets drip because of worn-out washers and O-rings. In most cases, homeowners worry about water wastage from the dripping faucet, leading to higher water bills.

Call a professional plumber to deal with the leaking tap as soon as possible. They will identify the problems like corrosion on the O-rings or improper installation of the faucet. 

A reliable, professional plumber will find ways to prevent future corrosion and replace the O-rings. They will also fix the faucet with the proper tools or replace it with better quality products to avoid future leaks. 

2. Low Pressure 

Reduced water pressure is another common plumbing problem homeowners ignore.  The major problems that stem from low pressure in the taps are calcium and sediment build-up in the plumbing system, which only professionals can identify. 

Failure to clean your plumbing lines could lead to more expensive-to-repair problems like hidden water leaks and pipe corrosion. First, you can aid the plumbing problem by scrubbing mineral deposits using a toothbrush soaked in vinegar. 

Alternatively, hire a professional plumber to fix the problem. They will open the system to identify the correct cause of reduced water pressure and clean any corrosions. They could also replace the completely blocked pipes with new ones. 

3. Clogged Kitchen and Toilet Drainage

Drainage problems are hard to deal with because they lead to bad smells. Drains clog due to big objects in the drainage system, and substances like oil and grease. 

This problem is a huge issue that needs quick fixing. Homeowners should always call professionals to unclog drainage pipes as the dirty water can cause bacterial infections and a bad smell. They should also learn how to protect the lines from clogging. 

4. Faulty Water Heater

Although most homeowners buy the best water heaters, sometimes they stop working due to plumbing problems. 

For example, sediment build-up in the tank makes it hard for the thermostat to function. If you don’t want to start showering in cold water, call a professional plumber. 

They will identify the cause of the failing heater and fix it. If your water heater tank is leaking, you need to buy a replacement. The experts will also advise on how to maintain your water heater. 

5. Clogged Bathtub Drain

Another plumbing problem that frustrates homeowners is a clogged bathtub. These clog due to hair and soap. You can use a plunger to push the dirt down the drain or wash it with baking soda and vinegar. These products help to clear dirt and also disinfect the tub and pipes. 

If baking soda and vinegar do not work, call a plumber to identify the problem. Working with an expert saves homeowners from future issues. 

6. Sewer System Back-Up

Most homeowners don’t pay attention to their sewer system backup, and it causes a nightmare if it blocks. The system backup can lead to other drainage pipes like kitchen sinks and toilet blocks, causing an unwanted odor to fester in the home. 

Fixing a sewer problem is challenging and expensive because most of the time, only experts can deal with it. Additionally, wastewater is dangerous to handle and opening the main drainage pipes can cause a bigger problem for your property. 

If you suspect a blockage in your sewer system, call a team of professional plumbers immediately. The plumber will first locate the blocked area and then fix it. However, if it’s a sewer system on public buildings or roads, the water company of your location fixes that. 

7. Standing Water

Standing water in rooms like the kitchen is normal after cleaning the dishes, but if there are not many activities in the kitchen, this should be a cause of concern. Also, your bathroom floors and basement should be dry. 

The wet floor indicates invisible leaks that could result from a bad plumbing job. Most homeowners procrastinate fixing this problem, which could lead to the rotting of wood floor tiles. 

Final Words

While bad plumbing problems could result from low-quality faucets and pipes, others are due to unprofessionalism.

Hiring cheap plumbers who are not experienced could be a major reason you are dealing with leaking taps. Although some of these problems are hard to notice, do not ignore them.

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