Congratulations- You’ve finally decided to move into a new home!

But do you think it’s as easy as it sounds?

Well, certainly not!

Moving to a new house necessitates making numerous decisions in a short period.

The list of must-dos can quickly become overwhelming, from choosing the best supplies to deciding on the ideal moving date.

There are thousands of local and nationwide moving firms vying for your business. Before picking a moving company for the job, make sure you ask the correct questions to a moving company in Fredrick, MD.

Question #1: Do You Have Prior Experience with My Particular Move?

Ensure to inquire about the moving company’s experience with your specific type of relocation. Suppose you’re moving to a high-rise apartment complex; you should ask if the moving company has experience with the type of move. Moving companies should be prepared for parking constraints, high stairs, no elevators, and narrow entrances.

Question #2. Is Your Business Insured and Licensed?

Asking if your moving business is an Updater Certified Moving Company is an easy method to ensure they follow all rules and regulations. Updater Certified moving businesses must be licensed and insured, have a USDOT number and be registered with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Inquire about your moving company’s licensing and insurance details and if they are Updater Certified.

Question #3. What Equipment Do You Use?

Professional movers will transport your belongings in a customized moving van equipped with a powered lift or fitted ramp. Before choosing a Frederick MD moving company, ask if they have a ramp, even if it seems obvious. They might damage your belongings if they lift them onto a high deck. A side door of a moving van is frequently used to load from the curb. It will make working in tight spaces easier.

Question #4. Are Storage Facilities Available?

It is incredibly important if you’ll require a short- or long-term storage facility for some of your belongings when you relocate.

If you require storage, inquire about it with the company. The larger companies usually do, and having the truck drop off your stuff can save you time and money. It’s a good idea to inspect the storage facility ahead of time.

Please inquire about the different types of packing services available, how much they cost, and what you need to prepare.

Question #5. How Do You Deal with Customer Complaints and Claims?

Inquire about any outstanding complaints or claims against the company. Most will provide you with a history of complaints and claims. If there are any unresolved difficulties, inquire why and the nature of the complaint and claim. Also, inquire about the number of claims and complaints they’ve received.

Question #6: Are There Any Hidden Expenses?

Most moving companies use hidden fees to inflate prices on moving days. Before they appear on your final bill, these costs are either buried beneath mountains of legalese in your contract, misrepresented, or not disclosed.

It’s also doubtful that a customer support employee will give you a linear response. If a corporation hides its fees, its employees likely do the same.

Question #7: Is this Business Able to Guarantee Delivery Dates?

Although all moving firms provide estimates for when your belongings arrive, they may be late without owing you anything unless they guarantee their delivery dates.

When a mover guarantees your delivery date, it means it promises in writing that your package will arrive at your new house on a certain day. Even if an aggressive customer support employee claims otherwise, it’s not a promised delivery date if it’s not in writing.


That concludes the five questions you should ask before hiring a moving company in Frederick, Maryland.

Do as much research as you can, ask many questions, write them down, acquire references, and do your project. It will make your transition go smoothly!

Happy Moving!

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