Deck lighting ideas to enjoy the space once the sun goes down2

Deck is the place for entertaining, relaxing, and healing. Therefore, special ideas of lighting to your deck is absolutely important.

Deck lighting ideas to enjoy the space once the sun goes down1

Backyard Lighting

When the night falls, it is obviously harder to swim or barbecue. Then, it is also less safe if you cannot see where you are going, right? Therefore, installing backyard lighting will create a safe space and your parties can last longer with less hassle. Next, the backyard lighting will not only help you to protect your property and keep everyone safer but is also give you a stylish outdoor ambiance. This type of lighting is pretty perfect for you to enjoy parties with lights spread above.

Well Balance Lighting

Look at this deck that has plenty of ambiances from a covered fire pit, candles, and hanging lanterns. Those lights are placed in different corners but work together beautifully to light up the deck. After that, framing the door with string lights will add an extra dose of whimsy to your space.

Light Behind A Decorative Plant

If you have a deck that similar to this one, you have to copy its lighting idea. Here, you can use a landscape light hidden behind your decorative plant. So, it will serve as a perfect backdrop for the light to cast an incandescent glow without drawing too much attention.

Inspire Spa Deck Lighting

Do you have a wood deck that is leaving a space carved out to insert an inflatable whirlpool hot tub? This idea of lighting will help you to bring a relaxing atmosphere. You can have various string lights draped across the walls so the handled lanterns will be illuminating all the way around the hot tub.

Under Deck Lighting

Do not forget to light up the under-deck or steps deck to keep your deck safe for everyone. This lighting idea will not only create a nice good looking deck but also light up your walkway. So everyone will not accidentally miss a step and tumble down.

Solar Railing Lights

Solar railing light is not only the light but it also adds a special touch to your deck design. In the picture above, the lights have a built-in solar panel that absorbs sunlight during the day and will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. This idea will be a perfect one to have an Eco-conscious choice.

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