Nothing like springtime to make your home look fresher. 

It is something about the spring season that just inspires everyone to roll up their sleeves and make the magic happen. 

No matter how big your home is once the wintertime is long gone, you need to clean those windows, wash those rugs, and plant fresh plants to make your curb look better. 

You know that rejuvenating your home in spring is possible, but you are not sure where to start? Do not worry, because we have got you covered. 

Below you will find direct tips on how to upgrade your home for spring and welcome the new winter season more energy-efficient house-wise. 

Upgrade Your Windows

Window treatment is always a good idea to start your spring home cleaning right. 

Windows are the face of your home, and keeping them in great shape is a must. 

Not only that clean windows can make your home look better, but they will let more natural light in as well. 

Also, a big factor when it comes to windows is their energy efficiency, because drafty windows or of poor quality won’t only lower the price of your home on the housing market, but will keep the bills up: to keep your bills as low as possible, your home draft-free and visually appealing, you should think about your next move, which should be to buy replacement windows, as a great solution to have an energy-efficient home and a house with a higher value on the housing market. Add windows boxes if you want to beautify your windows with fresh spring flowers. 

Bring In Bright Colors

Spring is a great time to welcome new colors into your home. Upgrading interior space is always a great way to invite spring inside. 

Replace dark colors with more colorful shades. Not sure what colors to choose? You can never go wrong with pastels if you want that spring vibe indoors. 

Decorate With Flowers

One of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home is to use flowers. Decorate your home with flowers. 

Place flowers in a nice vase in your kitchen, living room, and even bathroom. A nice bouquet can do wonders with every space. 

If you have a local flower/grocery store nearby, you can change flowers more frequently and make them a standard inside your home, even during the winter days. 

10 Fast Ways To Upgrade Your Home For Spring

  1. Use light fabric such as cotton
  2. Paint a room
  3. Place light color throw pillows
  4. Set candles all over your home
  5. Add baskets
  6. Upgrade patio decor
  7. Decorate walls with art
  8. Set a new shower curtain
  9. Upgrade your lighting
  10. Set a new doormat

The Bottom Line

These spring home upgrade ideas are just directions, you don’t have to follow them strictly, but you can use them as a good starting point. 

Know what you value, and what you want to achieve with your home, and set a budget. 

Make priorities, include your family members in this spring project and have fun. 

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