How to make modern traditional design work in every moment2

Have you ever thought of combining traditional and modern home design? Thus, without further ado, check all the ideas below to get yourself surprised.

How to make modern traditional design work in every moment1

Tulip Table As Modern Space

Tulip table as modern space How To Make Modern Traditional Design Work In Every Moment


When creating your modern traditional living room, you will love to have this idea which pairs iconic tulip tables as the modern piece and cane dining chairs as the traditional pieces. In conclusion,  you will have a more eclectic approach in combining two styles that is so surprising.

Balance Of Traditional Foundations With Modern Accents

Balance of traditional foundations with modern accents How To Make Modern Traditional Design Work In Every Moment


We suggest you have a balanced technique in combining modern and traditional. So, there will be no overwhelming design to each other. Here, you can choose a piece of foundational furniture that has traditional design elements such as turned legs, weathered wood, or molding on cabinets. After that, this room has a sleek desk chair and is clean with transitional lighting. Then, keeping the neutral palette but with high contrast can be a perfect way to blend transitional and traditional style for timeless design

Traditional Materials To Modern Forms

It is a fun way to blend modern and traditional design styles by using traditional materials but in modern forms. Look at this dining room with a wood table as the traditional aspect but the simplicity of the design and sleek metal legs feel so modern. Last, the whole room looks modern and classic with the combining style.

Modern Core Furniture And Traditional Accents

If you want sleek and clean lines of modern furniture but still carve moments of traditionally inspired design, take a look at this design style. Here, you can ground your space in traditional style by laying down an antique or vintage-inspired rug. After that, the rug that covers a lot of space will help you to set the room tone. Then, you can layer in pops of traditional accent furniture and decor with a side table or antique painting. Hence, this idea is great to decorate with antiques in modern space.

Style With Layer Traditional Furniture Over A Modern Rug

Well, choosing more traditional furniture forms by layering a modern rug beneath is a great idea of combining style. Look at this bedroom that paired a bold geometric rug that feels modern with a traditional four-poster bed. For All, the combination works relatively simple that let the two statement pieces do the talking.

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