Summer is right around the corner, and as the changing season approaches, our lives and homes are constantly changing. Throughout summer, we yearn for a house that is lighter, brighter and more airy- something that coincides with the freedom the summer season brings us. The notion of interior design is constantly changing, and We Buy Any House have brought you five interior design trends in time for summer 22. 

Adding Fresh Paint to the Space:

No matter the time of year, adding a coat of fresh paint to your home is the greatest way to refurbish a space. However, depending on the season, different colours can add a different essence to the space- and really accentuate the way your home feels at different times throughout the year. This isn’t to say that you should change the painted colour scheme constantly throughout the year, but you may want to think about how each season makes you feel and incorporate a colour that evokes a sense of happiness in your home. Interior designers suggest that for the forecast of summer 2022, vibrant colours are expected to set the tone. But don’t panic! We’re not suggesting painting your entire lounge area neon pink, but you can add subtle accents throughout your home that will make the room pop. For example, adding a trim of vibrant colours to your cabinets is a great way to incorporate summer vibes into your house.

Ensuring You Have Self-Care Spaces:

Throughout lockdown in 2020 (and let’s be honest, most of 2021 too!), our homes had to become even more multi-functional than before. The typical time we would dedicate to ‘self-care’, whether that meant going to the gym, spa, hairdressers or beauticians was suddenly taken away from people across the globe- leaving everyone to find a way to indulge in luxury or self-care from the comfort of their own home. Because of this, we are now more aware of self-care than ever before. Throughout 2022, interior designers predict that there will be an increase in the amount of people converting their regular bathroom into a ‘spathroom’ (a spa-inspired bathroom). Think luxury, natural materials and products, a rainfall shower with a minimalist design- and you will have nailed this trend.

Open-Plan Living:

A huge part of modern living is incorporating a natural flow into the home. And because of this, we are casting a more critical eye on the layout of our own properties and finding a way to make the most out of our floor space so we can move more freely without having restricted zones for different household activities. In summer 2022, there is set to be a further push into encouraging transforming your home into an open-plan space, especially as the weather gets warmer and we begin to socialise outdoors with family and friends. 

Adding Curves:

In the past, there has been an emphasis on having structure and straight lines in the home to create a sense of organisation in the home. However, in summer 2022, interior designers predict there is to be a reset on this- and instead an emphasis is to be placed on incorporating more rounded shapes in the home. This is because rounded shapes have a more warming presence on the way our homes feel, allowing us to feel extremely safe and almost cocooned in our furniture. 

Creating a Dream Garden:

Throughout lockdown, most homeowners spent countless hours getting green-fingered and ensuring that our gardens became a sanctuary for us. As summer 2022 approaches, the love for our gardens is set to flourish even further- as more homeowners work towards creating their dream garden space. Whether you want to use the space to create more of a botanical garden area, or if you want to create a cosy seating area, creating your dream garden is set to be an upcoming trend of 2022.

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