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A disorganized shed seems very displeasing. It can be hectic to find what you’re looking for. Therefore, it is important to make sure your shed is well organized so it’s easy to find your stuff. Moreover, if a shed is not organized properly, it stores less stuff because everything is in chaos. In this article, we’ll look at 4 shed storage ideas to better organize your space.


1. Set up Shelves and Racks

Setting up racks around your shed is the best way to increase your space. You can place a single rack or multiple racks according to your needs. Moreover, multi-layered racks offer more space. You can also install a couple of shelves around your shed. There are different types of shelves and racks available as per your requirement. Gorilla racks seem to do the trick and are very advantageous. Shelves are great for storing items such as batteries and pots for your garden.

2. Use Hooks

Setting up hooks can be amazing for increasing shed space. You can use them to hang ropes and buckets. Moreover, hooks are also beneficial for hanging large tools and even hoses. The purpose of using hooks is to free up floor space for the placement of racks. Sheds have varying wall space and floor space. You should choose the right one according to your requirements. There are a variety of cheap sheds available over the web as well. Some of them even have additional features such as shelves and hooks.

3. Magnetic Bar for Tools

One of the primary reasons for building a shed is to store tools that can take up a lot of space.  You can make use of magnetic bars to hold the tools. This way your shelves and racks will be free from tools and can be used to store other items. You can also install a door hanger for hanging large tools. Magnetic bars and hangers help make the best of your walls and increase the storage capacity of a shed. 

4. Use Baskets

You can also make use of baskets to store items. A basket with a simple handle commonly known as a Garden Hod works great for this purpose. They work incredibly well for carrying plants and other useful items around your garden when you’re working. You can also place them on the floor or on the racks to optimize the storage space of your shed. Baskets can also be placed on shelves to ensure efficient use of your walls.

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There are plenty of ways to organize your shed and increase its storage space. You can start by using large hooks and magnetic bars for the storage of tools. Addition to shelves is also a promising alternative to store items. The idea is to use your walls and enhance floor space to maximize your storage capacity. Baskets and racks are also amazing for storing useful items for your garden. These 4 ways will make your shed more organized and spacious while at the same time storing a great deal of stuff.


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